Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Angel Craft- Paper Cup Angel Luminaries

Ah, paper cups.  They're such a great crafting material because they're versatile and cheap.  We've used them to make DIY Animal Nose Paper Cups and popsicle stick ice-skating dolls.   Today I'm over at MollyMoo sharing how I turned a couple of plain old clear plastic cups into cozy, glowing  Paper Cup Angel Luminaries!

Wouldn't these be such a magical craft to make with the kids?

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Happy making, friends!


  1. Now these are uber cute! They fit quite well with the Christmas theme. I love how they practically glow and come to life.

  2. These are adorable! I'm not getting your posts in my inbox anymore. I have to figure this out. I'm missing all the sweet cuteness.

    1. ;) I shut down my old mail server and started a new one... but this one requires me to write weekly emails.. .which I've been struggling to keep on top of! Ack!

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