Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Potty Mouth

I'm almost at 40 weeks now and still waiting for Baby Chuck Norris's arrival.  I'm excited to finally meet him, but I'm  also scared about how he's going to get here.  (Hearing dozens of horror stories, watching several bloody horror movies birth videos, and learning the term "ring of fire" don't exactly paint a picture of blessed birthing bliss.)

I'm  really curious as to how I'll respond to the labor process.  What will contractions feel like?  Will I be able to endure them?  How am I going to endure them?  What's going to come out of my mouth as I endure them?  Hubby doesn't know the answers, but he likes to remind me of how I first reacted 9 months ago when I saw this:

(This is a photo of our actual home pregnancy results.  I love this brand because the results are so clear.)

Because this is a PG-rated blog, I won't quote my specific response, but let's just say that hubby was quite surprised by my extensive and colorful vocabulary.   (Apparently I know all sorts of foul-mouthed potty language.  Who would have guessed?)  I don't remember saying any of it, so we'll just have to take hubby's account as fact.

Will I respond in a similar manner during birth?  We'll see.  (On a side note- Thank goodness we're not video recording the process! I can't imagine having to explain my language to Baby Chuck Norris...)