Friday, February 17, 2012

Bleach bath baby

I must admit, I was kind of nervous when the dermatologist told us to give Baby Chuck bleach baths for his eczema.  It didn't matter that we were only required to put the tiniest amount of bleach into a very full tub of water.  Worries and fears still raced through my mind.  Our baby has sensitive skin and you want us to put him in a pool of caustic chemicals?  Doesn't bleach burn your skin?  Are you sure this is going to help?  Is his hair going to fall out?  Is his skin going to lose pigmentation? 

Because we were so desperate we took that leap of faith and followed the doctor's orders.   

Turns out that Baby Chuck really enjoys bleach bath time.  (So does duckie.)  Who knew?


  1. I'm glad he is enjoying the bath. He looks so comfy!

  2. I've heard of bleach & baking soda. or was it bleach or baking soda? I never tried but baby chuck looks so happy!

  3. i love how he has a rubber duckie! ;) bff.

  4. Have you considered natural remedies before soaking your baby in bleach? Apple cider vinegar baths (diluted of course) works for alot of people with eczema. Virgin coconut oil/honey are powerful antifungals...and probiotics are wonderful for your immune system. Please research the natural alternatives. I'm sorry for seeming pushy but I believe that doctor doesn't always know best. Doctors in the past would prescribe cocaine for teething's today still prescribe very toxic chemicals for infants without a second thought to all the other natural options out there...for the medical industry it is about money; natural rememdies are oftentimes more effective/less dangerous than manmade substances, but think of all that profit loss if doctors started prescribing treatments you can pick up from your local store...Take care <3

    1. Thanks for your concern. We're so thankful that our son no longer has to get bleach baths. We actually ended up seeing another allergist who recommended we give him salt baths instead. (We're still giving him salt baths today.)

      Each parent definitely has to be an advocate and do a lot of research for his/her child.

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