Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping into a better day

Hi everyone,

It's me, Baby Chuck.  Happy Leap Day!
Do you like my froggy hat?  I wore it for Leap Day.

Mum is taking a nap.  I put her to bed  early because she was very tired.  We had a very busy day.  Today I tried to cheer her up, so I set up a play date with another mommy.  I think the two mommies hit it off, so I'll set up another play date for them in the future.  We also took daddy on an adventure to Saugatuck.  All the shops were closed, so we just walked around and enjoyed the nice weather and the water.   

I hope you had a good Leap Day too.

Baby Chuck

PS- Happy 6 month birthday Baby Manny!
PPS- I don't know what happened... but my face feels less itchy today.  Mum can't stop kissing it.