Monday, July 30, 2012

On vomitting and being a mom

This weekend Baby Chuck wasn't feeling too well.  We visited a cousin's house and after lunch he vomited several times...on hubby.  Then, we drove up to New York to pick up our missing toolbox and he vomited again... this time on me.  Luckily, we had enough changes of clothing so that Baby Chuck and hubby could ride comfortably home.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any clothing to change into, so I drove an hour back home covered in chunky, yellow vomit.


Other moms can always describe this magical moment when they first felt like a real mom.  For some, it occurs when they first hold their baby in their arms.  For others, it's when they find themselves up at 3 am, soothing a crying baby who refuses to sleep.  And for others, it's when they first introduce their child to friends and family.

Baby Chuck's been in our life for almost 11 months now.  But, I still hadn't felt that special "Ah, I'm a real mommy" moment until this weekend.  As I drove through a fierce rain storm and a half-an-hour traffic jam covered in citric-smelling vomit with Baby Chuck wailing in the backseat, I felt this strong, protective, instinct growing inside of me.  It was my golden mommy moment!  I may have been a vomit-covered-mentally-cursing gal, but darn it, I was a mommy and I was going to make sure that we'd make it home ok.  

For all you mommies out there:  When did you first start feeling like a real mommy?