Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to Make Colorful and fun paper plate dragons!

Have you seen our paper plate dragons?    My preschooler is currently on a dragon kick and we've been reading dragon books, watching dragon movies, and making dragon crafts... of course!

If you have a dragon lover at home, then you'll love this craft too.  I've even included a template so that you can easily make these paper plate dragons with your little ones too!  

Let's get making!

Make these Colorful and fun paper plate dragons!

Easy Kids art project- make dragons and paint them (from paper plates!)
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In case you've got a dragon lover at home.... here are our two current favorite dragon books:

We've also been watching the How to Train Your Dragon movies and series on Netflix.    (Looking over the craft now, I think that series inspired the design of these dragons!)

Alright, let's make ourselves a paper plate dragon!

fold your paper plate in half and cut out dragon template

First I folded the plate in half and traced the body.  (You can make your own design, or just use my  dragon template !)

cut out all your dragon pieces from paper plates

Then, I cut out the head and tail pieces from the excess material.  We also folded down our wings.

Easy paper plate dragon craft- assemble your dragons and get ready to paint

Then, I slid the head and tail pieces between our body pieces and stapled everything together.

How to make and paint paper plate dragons with kids

Then, we went wild and used our favorite paints and Sharpie Markers to decorate our dragons!  Here's the one that I made....

how to make and paint paper plate dragons with kids

and here's the rainbow one that my son painted!

More Dragon Crafts....

And if you're looking for more dragon crafts, check out the links below!

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Happy making, friends!

Paper plate dragons -super easy and fun art and craft project to make with the kids!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this craft. I am not crafty and my kids were so excited to color this. Your template and directions made the craft very easy.

  2. These were so fun for my class of K-2nd graders! It went perfectly with the book we read that day--Dragons Love Tacos! Thanks for the template, it made the dragons so easy to make! A couple of kids even cut out fire to glue to the dragons' mouths (since that's what happens in the story). Thanks again, I will keep this craft saved for many classes to come!!!

    1. awesome!!! that's one of our favorite books. so glad you enjoyed this craft!

  3. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas! Shared a link to this adorable project on a personal blog! :)

  4. This looks so cool! Cant wait to try this with some kids!!!! Thank you so much.

  5. Very usefull for kids,thanks u so much.

  6. This is a super cute idea and we enjoyed making them, but the dragons didn't really fly :( We figured that maybe they would fly like paper airplanes. Super cute though!

    1. Oh yeah, they don't fly. Hmm... I can see that the title may be misleading. I'll change it now! Sorry about that!

  7. I did this craft on a rainy day with the girl I babysit. Thanks so much for the template, I used your design, using glitter markers to color them in. We also glued them to chopsticks so they sort of fly. We loved this craft! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thank you for this dragon craft. One of the best books about dragons (especially for little girls) is The Paper bag Princess by Robert Munch. This activity will go nicely with the book for both boys and girls.

  9. Wao! This is very great i show it my child's and they get much information from here and they will make it by there self. Thanks
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