Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two things

Here are two things that made me happy this week:

(1)  Charlie is not experiencing stomach problems.
Mom- do you have to write about this?

We recently found out that Petco stopped stocking Charlie's food.  Unsure what to do, we ended up choosing another type of dog food made by the same company.  We were so worried.  Charlie has a really sensitive stomach.  Last time we changed foods he had terrible diarrhea.  After one week of carefully observing his pooing habits, I'm glad to report that all seems well.  Phew!

(2)  Our girls made it to Round 2 of the NCAA tournament.
Yesterday we watched them win.

Who would have thought that I, a clumsy nerd and geek, would enjoy watching college basketball?  I love eating concession stand food, cheering for a team, and doing "the wave."  And, I especially love watching our girls play because they're so aggressive, tenacious, and scrappy.  Tonight they're playing against Wash U, so we'll see what happens... Go Hope! Pin It