Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A guitar, a harmonica, a saw, and...a recorder?

This past Sunday hubby played the recorder during worship at our local church.  After hearing hubby play, one congregant commented, "It sounds like we're having church in Gondor."  Another church member (an older gentleman in his 70s) had this conversation with hubby:

What instrument are you playing?  A sweet potato?

Uh, sweet potato?  You mean an ocarina?  No, this is a recorder.

I like the way it sounds.  Do you want to be in my band?  We go around and play for people in nursing homes. They don't have good memories.  Right now we have a guy that plays the harmonica, a guy that plays the saw, and I play the guitar.  

Um, sure.

Perhaps Baby Chuck Norris and I will be the group's first set of groupies (below retirement age)? 
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