Thursday, August 18, 2011

The usual suspects

Last month marked our one year anniversary living in our new town.  Hubby and I really like living here, but sometimes we wonder whether we'll ever find our niche and develop deep roots.  Whenever I find myself on this train of thought, I try to remind myself that relationships take time and effort to build.

Fortunately, I was reminded during a recent visit to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant that we are making some connections.  Here's what transpired:

((Hubby and I walk in the restaurant.  Waitresses 1 and 2 look up.))

Waitress 1
Do you need to see a menu or do you know what you want?

((Surprised)) We'd like to see a menu, please.

Waitress 1
((Hands us menus, walks away, and then returns))
What do you want to drink?


I'll have a water too.  I think we also know what we want to get.  I'll have VR1 (porkchop with broken rice).

I'd like VPH1 (pho noodle soup).

Waitress 2  
((Walks by with a smile on her face))
You always get the same thing.  The baby must like soup, huh?

I loved that they recognized us and baby.  It just made my day. Pin It