Friday, September 2, 2011


I don't like prunes.  I've never liked prunes.  However, if you visit our apartment, you'll seen many homages to this sweet and sticky fruit.  Why on earth would I eat something I don't like?  Well, they're great for digestive health and nowadays, I'll eat anything to get me "going."   

Here are the different ways I've incorporated this yucky special fruit into my diet:
  • Initially I tried eating prunes straight from the jar.  (Bad Idea.  They're  so yucky  sickly sweet a tad too full flavored.)
  • Then, after gagging struggling with that option, I tried drinking prune juice. (Unfortunately, prune juice was still too nasty full bodied.)
  • Then, I tried diluting prune juice with iced tea. (Prune tea was certainly more palatable, but I needed more prune power.)
  • Recently, I've tried incorporating them into my cooking. 
 I made prune bars (using the basics ingredients in this recipe):
You can't see those sticky suckers, but I guarantee they're in there!

Hmm, what prune dish to make next?  Prunes and chicken?  Prunes and pork?  I'm hoping that Baby Chuck Norris comes soon, so that I don't have to get too creative....

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