Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sofa Series 2: Let the pros handle it

Armed with kitchen knives, scissors, latex gloves, and a screwdriver, hubby and I wanted to reveal our inner DIY ninjas and reupholster the new couch.  We were all set to rip up fabric and break...something... but then a preliminary peek around the internet convinced us to rethink that plan.  What?  Tufted buttons require more fabric know-how?  What? Re-upholstery requires specialized tools?  You mean our butter knife won't do?  

Oh well.  We tossed out the original plan and found a local vintage shop that specializes in fixing up older furniture.

Can you spot our U-Haul?

They're going to repaint and reupholster the couch.  All we need to do is choose some fabric...  

Oooh.  So many options.  Which one to choose?

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