Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turkey Paper plate hat

Turkey Paper Plate Hat

This Friday, Baby Chuck (wait, should I call him Toddler Chuck since he's now older than one? Hmm...)

Back to what I was saying... this Friday our local library is holding a special Thanksgiving party for the babies and toddlers.  Last month they put together such a nice Halloween party, so we're really looking forward to seeing what surprises are in store.

I wanted to help contribute to the festivities.  After finding this great paper plate hat tutorial from Alphamom, I made a whole flock of turkey paper plate hats for the kids.

turkey paper plate hat
Note:  This was like the only good photo that we got of Baby Chuck wearing the hat.  It's a miracle that he sat still and din't rip it off.

Materials to make Turkey Paper Plate Hat:

- paper plates
- scissors
- pencil
- paint
- paint brushes
- construction paper

Directions to make Turkey Paper Plate Hat:

(These were super easy to make, so here are just some photos of the process.)

how to make turkey paper plate hat

paint your DIY turkey paper plate hats

DIY tutorial to make turkey paper plate hat

how to make turkey paper plate hat

I just tried a hat on Baby Chuck this morning and it just barely fit.  Eeek.  Guess what I'll be doing tonight.... Yup... trimming off a little extra from the brims so the children can wear them comfortably.

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