Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make ribbon tassels

So Baby Chuck and I are working on a secret project for this Friday. What is it? Well, I couldn't tell you or then it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it?

 Let's just say this secret involves
- a bunch of toddlers
- a big stick
- many bags of chips

 There. I've said enough. As part of the secret project, I made a couple of shiny tassels out of curling ribbon.

There are tons of tutorials out there for making tassels, but I ended up following this one at Go make me's blog.

To make ribbon tassels of your own, you'll need:
- curling ribbon
- scissors
- masking tape (optional, but I found it helpful)
- cardboard


 1.  Cut a piece of cardboard that's the same length as the tassel that you want to create.  Cut a piece of ribbon and tape it to the top of your cardboard. (This ribbon will allow you to tie the tassel to something.)  Then, wind ribbon around your piece of cardboard as many times as you like.  (I stopped at 20 times.)

2.  Tie a loose knot with your top ribbon to keep the other strands together.  Then, snip the ribbon off your cardboard with your scissors.

3.  Tighten your knot on top.  Double knot if necessary.

4.  To keep the ribbons in a secure bunch, wrap another strand of ribbon around your strands.  Double knot and and trim the ribbons.   

Enjoy and feel festive.  
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  1. Toddlers, sticks and chips? Sounds just like my house :) Cute tassels!!

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