Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY oatmeal face mask

I know what you're thinking.  This girl loves putting food products on her face.

Well, you've got me there.

Last week I found a nifty book called Concoctions at the library.  It shows you how to make things like invisible ink, play dough, and glue with common household items.

Cool, right?

It's like home ec and chemistry mixed into one.

Inside, I found a recipe for an oatmeal face mask.  It only requires two ingredients:
- 1 T quick-cooking oats
- 1 T hot tap water

I know, I know, it looks like Baby Chuck spat up on me.  But, it was nice trying something new (and rather slimy.)   Again, I'm not sure if the mask actually did anything for my skin, but it certainly made for an entertaining night.

Here are the directions if you'd like to make yourself an oatmeal face mask:
1.  Mix oats and water in a small bowl.  Stir until you have an oatmeal paste
2.  Spread onto your face
3.  Wait 10 minutes until mask gets stiff and tight  (Note:  Be prepared, gobs of oatmeal will fall off your face... especially if you keep laughing while you wait.)
4.  Wash with warm water

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  1. I love it. I would keep laughing while I waited!

  2. I bumped into our compost bucket this morning (gross) and walked away with a bunch of coffee grounds on my calf. This made me think of you.

    Specifically, I thought, "Coffee grounds are kind of course. Oooh! I bet they'd make an excellent exfoliant! Hey, speaking of exfoliants, I wonder if you could do a face mask? Face mask? PSS does all kinds of crazy food themed facials. I should look into this and send her a note!"

    So, there you have it.

    Next project, Coffee Facial.

    I even found you a recipe ;)

    Let me know how it goes!

    1. the fact that you compost- awesome! i'm so jealous... *sigh* maybe if we live in a house... one day...

      coffee and cocoa face mask- i'm on it. thanks for the fun suggestion.

  3. what about a tab just for your face masks?

    1. hmmm... i do need to fix my tabs and spruce my list of projects up... i'll put it on the to-do list. thanks!


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