Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Band- Aid heart nail stencil

I may not look like a girly girl on the outside.

I don't wear makeup.
My daily outfit usually consists of a pair of jeans and purple Converses.
My hair is usually in a ponytail or messy bun because I haven't gotten a haircut in over a year.

But here's a little secret- I'm a bonafide girly girl on the inside.

I dream of wearing sparkly shoes, bright red lipstick, and lovely polka dot vintage dresses with peter pan collars.  I'm also an unabashed fan of YouTube beauty gurus.  I could spend hours watching them talk about beauty and fashion products.

Strange right?  Hopefully one day I can figure out how to balance out my inner girly girl with my outer plain jane.

Anyway,  I just brought this up because I wanted to show you a neat trick that I learned from the mega talented Michelle Phan.   Did you know that you can use band aids as nail stencils?    (Click here to watch her tutorial.)  

1.  Cut off the two end bits from the band aid.  Toss out the middle white pad.
2.  Fold each end bit in half and cut out a tiny heart.  Make sure the heart is smaller than your nail. (This was surprisingly hard for me to do.  I had to cut up a lot of Band-Aids to get two hearts small enough to fit my large thumbs.)
3.  Stick the Band-Aid to your nail and rub it to make sure that it's stuck on tight.
4.  Paint over the heart.
5.  Take a deep breath and quickly rip the band aid off.

Voila! Enjoy your hearts.

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