Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candy Corn inspired Perler Bead Bracelet 2

Yesterday I shared how I made a  candy corn inspired perler bead bracelet.  Today I'll share how I made this slightly more complicated version.

While both bracelets were inspired by candy corn, the second one is my favorite.  It's graphic and quirky, just perfect to wear this upcoming month.

  • Perler beads
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Cord (I used a thin 0.5 mm elastic cord for these bracelets, but a thicker cord would have been better to use because it's easier to string the beads with and the finished bracelet feels sturdier.)

1.  Cut out about 40 inches of cord.  (It really doesn't matter what length you use.  You'll just end up tying on more cording later.)  Tie on a bead to act as a stopper.  (Again, it doesn't matter what color you choose because you'll end up removing this bead at the end.)

2.  String on six black beads.  I labeled the beads with numbers to help out with steps 3 and 4.   These six will be your first column of beads.

3.  Now you're going to add your second column of beads.  Add on a yellow bead (#7).  Then,slip your string through your #5 bead.  Add another black bead (#8).  Then, slip your string through your #3 bead .  Then, add another black bead (#9).  Then, slip your string through your #1 bead.   Then, pull tight.

These two columns are the basis for the rest of your bracelet.  See how some portions of the bracelet jut out and some portions of the bracelet don't?  As you continue to build your bracelet, you'll alternate between adding a bead to fill in a gap, and stringing your cord through the next bead that juts out.

4.   Now we're going to string one candy corn.   Remember to pull your string tight after stringing each column of beads.

Column 3: Add a black bead, string through  #9 black bead, add a  black bead, string through #8 black bead, add a yellow bead, string through #7 yellow bead 

(From now on, I'll just tell you what color beads to add.  But remember to alternate between adding a new bead and stringing through a bead that's jutting out.)

Column 4: Yellow, orange, black
Column 5: Black, orange, yellow

Column 6:  Yellow, orange, orange
Column 7: White, orange, yellow
Column 8:  Yellow, orange, orange

Column 9:  Black, orange, yellow
Column 10:  Yellow, orange, black
Column 11 :  Black, black, yellow

Column 12:  Yellow, black, black
Column 13:  Black, black, black
Column 13:  Black, black, black

 Now you've got your first candy corn strung.  High five!  Keep going and continue to follow the pattern.  If you run out of cord, no worries!  Just tie on another strand.

Soon you'll get a long bracelet like this:  (The ending section contains more black because I knew I wouldn't be able to add on a whole candy corn.)

5.  Now make sure that (1) it fits your wrist and (2) both ends fit together like zipper teeth.  Then, string your cord through both sides of the bracelet and pull tight.  Remove the stopper bead and tie your beginning and ending cords together. 

And you're done!  Happy beading!

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