Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Temporary Contact Paper Kitchen Cabinet Decorations

So, this is apparently what happens when you give me some paint pens and contact paper.

Yup.  Those are flamingos.  And yes, they're all over our kitchen cabinets.

I know it's September, and officially autumn, but I refuse to cave in to the cold weather just yet.  Oh no.  This gal is holding onto every last drop of sunny, warm weather fun.  And seriously, what's more fun than pink flamingos?


Here's how I made my temporary pink cabinet decorations. 

  • Contact paper (No need for the fancy stuff, I just got cheap rolls from the Dollar Store)
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife 
  • Cutting mat
  • Paint pens
  • Masking tape  
  • Ruler (optional)
1.  Make paper templates of your cabinet doors.  (I simply placed sheets of paper on top of cabinets and traced.  I was too lazy to pull out a ruler.  So, my lines came out a bit crooked.  Not a big deal for me.  If you want lovely, clean, straight lines, pull out your ruler and measure away.)

2.  Then, doodle your design on your paper.  Cut out your design and make yourself a stencil.

3.  Cut out sheets of contact paper that are the same size as your paper templates.  Tape the paper template on top of the contact paper.  Use your paint pens to decorate your contact paper.

4.  Attach your decorated contact paper to the cabinets.  (You'll probably want to make sure the cabinet doors are clean.  And, you'll probably want to go slowly.  Attach a bit of contact paper and then remove a bit of the backing.   Then continue until your entire sheet of contact paper is securely attached.)

Enjoy your new flamingo kitchen cabinet decorations.

Just realized, this would be a really easy and cute way to decorate for Halloween too.  Give the kids the paint pens and have them doodle monsters or spiderwebs... or whatever they want onto the contact paper.   Then, stick their scary decorations to your cabinets (or windows... or walls...) and boom, instant, personalized Halloween decorations.

(Special thanks to hubby for supporting his kooky wife's pink flamingo dream... and for photographing the tough kitchen shots.  We get such little light in there and I'm amazed that his shots look as good as they do.)

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