Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween photos (Past and Present)

How was your Halloween?  Ours was pretty jam packed.  We entertained some out-of-town guests, carved pumpkins, attended a couple of kids' parties, and went trick-or-treating.  I was loving most of it until the very end.  I was definitely burned out by the last Halloween party.   Phew.  Too much candy and partying for this mama.

Here are some photos from our Halloween adventures:

Several pieces of felt and dozens of hot glue sticks later.... I finally finished both Mack and Lightening McQueen costumes.  Chuck and I wore them out when we trick-or-treated around our neighborhood.   (Click here to see how I made the costume and click here to see how I made his matching Lightening McQueen shoes,   Or, click here to see Chuck's previous  Thing 1 Costume and his Mr. Potato Head Costume.)

DIY Mac and Lightening McQueen Halloween Costume

In addition to trick-or-treating, we attended two Halloween parties at the library.  It was uber-cute seeing dozens of toddlers dressed up in costumes.  I also couldn't help but ooh and ahh over the cute treats that some moms made.  Check out these marshmallow monsters.  Too. Darn. Adorable. 

And of course, we can't forget about pumpkins.  Every year I look forward to carving them.  This was Chuck's first year helping me out.    

Here's a photo of my pumpkin (left) and my friend Kim's pumpkin (right).  (Can you believe that it was her first time?  She did great!)

(Pssst- You can also click here to see my previously carved Pi Pumpkin and my Glowing Girl Pumpkin.)
fun carved Halloween pumpkin

We also thought it'd be fun to decorate our door.  Chuck has a thing for buck teeth, so we made a monster face with two big buck teeth.
Monster door for Halloween

Somehow all of this Halloween fun got me thinking back to the time that hubby and I participated in New York's Village Halloween parade.  So I peeked around and found these two photos.  They were taken seven years ago.  (Whoa.  How did time fly by so quickly?)  Since we were both poor grad students back then, I whipped up our sushi and soy sauce costumes for about $20.

Walking in the parade was definitely one of the highlights of my life. There's really nothing quite like it.    

(Psst- I have no idea who those two guys are.  They just wanted to take photos with us.)

sushi and soy sauce DIY Halloween Costume

Sushi Halloween Costume DIY
Happy Monday!

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