Thursday, January 9, 2014

Risking Rejection.... while wearing sparkly tights

Eeek!  My legs... for all the world to see....

Today's post is a departure from my normal craft/diy posts.  Now, if you just want to see how I made these sparkly tights, scroll directly to the bottom of the post.  But if you want to read about a neat, new Thursday blogging series and a bunch of courageous gals, read on!

Last week a bloggy friend named Amy shared that she was starting off the year by taking lots of risks and embracing rejection.  She wanted to take the big makes-your-armpits-sweaty-and-knees-knock kind of  risks... even if they involved getting rejected.  She's going to blog about her experiences every Thursday.... and she invited people to join her.  

Take risks?  Embrace rejection?  Risk-adverse-super-sensitive-wallflower me?  No, no, this was not for me at all.  I was going to politely decline her challenge... but then I found that I couldn't say no.  Last year I challenged myself to try new things.  And this year, I want to keep that up.  So why not up the anty?  Why not join Amy's challenge, and take some big risks, even if they might lead to rejection?

So I did it.  I signed up join Amy and her merry band of courageous gals.  Every Thursday in January, we'll  share about risks that we're taking.... and any (or all-) rejections that come our way.

Taking risks helps us to grow, right?  Ah-hem, feeling some unladylike armpit sweat coming on...

So this is my first Thursday... and I figured I'd start off with announcing something that's kind of scary to say out loud.  Ah-hem.  Maybe you've already guessed this for awhile...  Have you noticed that I've now have Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts?  (Isn't that odd behavior for a gal who just got a personal Facebook in 2012?)  Or, have you noticed that I now have a couple of ads running on my site?

Well, I started this blog thing as a hobby. Now that I've done it for awhile, I've realized three things:
  1. I really, REALLY love blogging about my crafts and adventures with Chuck.   
  2. I really, REALLY love crafting.   (Like wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-jotting-down-kids-crafts love)
  3. I would really, REALLY love it if some sort of creative, crafting career could emerge from this blog.
Ack!  There! I've said it.  I'd like to be a professional crafter.


Is that even possible?  I have no idea.... and maybe some of you out there are laughing, or shaking your heads in disbelief, or making up a huge list for why I'm completely bonkers... but there.  Cat's out of the bag.  I said it.

*Takes deep breaths*  So that's my first big risk this month...  being vulnerable and sharing this dream with y'all... and trying to figure out a way to make this dream happen. 

So.... are there any big risks that you'd like to take... but have been too afraid to do so because you're afraid of being rejected?  You're not alone!  Come join our band of courageous gals.  You can read more about Amy's Risk Rejection Challenge here and read the inspiring stories of other brave ladies taking big risks here.

2014 is going to be a good year.  I can feel it.  Looking forward to taking some risks with you!

So you want to make a pair of sparkly tights:
*High five my sister-in-fashion!* You've come to the right place.

Directions:  Take a pair of tights, place cardboard inside of them, and then use hot glue to glue on your rhinestones.  Make sure that you orient your cardboard so that the rhinestones are on the front of the tights.  Once the hot glue dries, carefully peel the tights off the cardboard and voila!  Sparkly, razzle, dazzle legs of your own....

And yes.  I was feeling so brave that I actually wore these blingy babies outside... for the whole day.  :)

Happy crafting! Pin It