Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toddler Painted Valentine's Day Cards (for a Teacher and Parent)

(Hubby- Please don't read this post because the bottom card is for you.)

Illness + freezing cold temperatures = A LOT of time spent cooped up in a two-bedroom apartment

To help pass the time, Chuck and I have been doing tons of arts and crafts projects.  Luckily, he's got a new interest in painting and gluing. (Yes!  My son finally shows some interest in crafting with mommy!  Woo hoo!) Here are two Valentine's Day cards that we made together for Chuck's Sunday School teachers and hubby.

(So hubby, once again, do NOT read the bottom of this post...)

1.  Painted Fish Valentine's Day Card

Keep reading to see how we made this card (and to see hubby's card....shhh... it's a surprise)...

We used a different kind of painting technique to give the fish their lovely textures and colors.

1.  Cover your work area (I used a brown paper bag.)
2.  Tape a strip of plastic saran wrap to your covered area.  Then, squeeze paint onto the saran wrap.
3.  Place another piece of saran wrap on top of your paint.
4.  Smoosh around the colors until they mix. Lift the top saran wrap layer to add more colors.  (Chuck really really wanted to keep doing this... we actually ran out of red paint.  Eeek.)
5.  Once your satisfied with your colors, lift off the top layer of saran wrap.  Place a piece of paper down over the paint and press it on top of the paint.  Pull the paper off and you'll see lovely and colorful results like this... 

6.   You can get a couple of prints from the paint.  Then, let your paint dry.  

 7.  Cut fish shape out of the paper.  Draw eyes onto them.  Then, glue them onto your cheery and bright card.

2.   Hubby's Painted Tree Valentine's Day Card

So I can't take complete credit for this card's design.  It was inspired by this Valentine Tree Thumbprint Poem Craft.  Here's how we made it:

1.  Paint a piece of paper with different shades of green.
2.  When the paint dries, cut out different heart shapes from the painted paper.
3.  Trace your child's hand onto a brown paper bag.
4.  Use a glue stick to glue your green hearts onto the top half of a piece of paper (to act as leaves).
5.  Then, glue down your hand.
6.  Add thumbprints in the leaves. 

I think hubby's going to really like this one.  Right now we've hidden it under a pile of crafting supplies.  Chuck's so funny because he knows that it's our secret card for daddy.

Stay healthy and happy crafting, friends!  Pin It