Monday, May 5, 2014

Brooklyn Flea Adventure

This weekend my sister took me out to city to celebrate my birthday.  We passed the time thrifting, eating, walking, and chatting.  It was a really perfect day.  I loved hanging out with my sister and I felt so inspired seeing all the colorful street art and lovely handmade items.

Here are some photos from our adventures in Brooklyn...
The colors and smiling children made me so happy
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Ack.  A heart with huge eyes AND a popsicle?  Too. Much. Cuteness.

Love, love, love.  (Are these stenciled on?)

Woven using vegetable dyes by women in Turkey

Ribbon made in the good old USA

Old tin tiles- love their colors and all that detail

I love those little men and women

Don't you just want to run your fingers through this colorful bric-a-brac? 

Gosh- look at all those vibrant colors
These animals are adorable.  Seriously.

Glass plates that had images on them- not sure what they were used for.....

I just liked seeing the geometric shapes in this guy

I loved the colors and boldness here

Hee hee- my poor attempt at a selfie... oh well... at least both of our faces are in the photo

And if you want to see more photos from this weekend's Brooklyn and the flea market adventure, check out my Instagram feed.

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Hope you had a good weekend too, friends.
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