Thursday, August 14, 2014

Make Egg Carton Bugs

I love a good egg carton craft.  We don't eat eggs too often here, so whenever we finish a carton, I'm always super stoked to make something with it.  Today's Egg Carton Insect Craft came about because ants have been on our minds a lot lately.  For some reason there seem to be ants EVERYWHERE in our new home.  Eeek.  Plus, we recently watched "Honey I shrunk the kids" and Chuck loved Anty the giant ant.   So that's why we had to make ourselves some egg carton bugs!

Let's Make Egg Carton Insects!

make egg carton insects (bees and ants)- easy and fun craft
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Materials Needed to Make Egg Carton Insects

Let's Make Egg Carton Bugs!

1.  Cut out your bug bodies (3 piece ant body, 1 piece bee body, and optional 1 piece flower body.)

2.  Cover your work area.  (We just use a cheap shower liner.)

paint your egg cartons

3.  Paint your egg cartons.   (We painted next to each other.  Chuck is 2 1/2. He painted one whole ant and then some flowers before he got tired of the craft.  I didn't mind.  I enjoy painting, so I just kept painting the rest.)

let your egg cartons dry

4.  Let your paint dry.  (Please ignore the white tear drop shapes.  I was going to turn them into wings, but then used pipe cleaners.)

string through pipe cleaners through your egg carton ants

5.  Use a craft knife to poke holes into your egg carton.  Then, string pieces of pipe cleaners through.

6.  Glue on googly eyes for the finishing touch.

And there you have it- a short, simple, and sweet bug craft.

egg carton bees and flowers kids' craft

egg carton ant craft

And here's how we played with them.  Yurp.  That's my son using the scorpion to re-enact the killing scene from the movie.  (He also then proceeded to sting me and hubby several times, thereby "killing" us both.  Kids are funny...) 

child playing with egg carton ant and scorpian

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