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The Snowy Day Shadow box

Howdy, friends!  Today the Creative Preschool Collaborators and I are sharing 5 fun Winter-themed preschool activities and crafts!  So be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post for other great ideas!

The Snowy Day Shadow Box  

The Snowy Day Shadow Box- fun kid's winter's craft
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Ezra Jack Keats' book, The Snowy Day, has always been a favorite of mine.   His illustrations are simple, charming, colorful, and graphic.  He really captures the magic of a winter snowfall.  Plus, I love that he supports multiculturalism and made his main character a young black boy.  So when I found out that this week's theme was Winter, I was excited to read this book with Chuck and combine it with a craft.  

First, we read the book to Chuck a couple of times.

The Snowy Day

Aren't the images gorgeous?  Although our weather was in the 70s this week (crazy, right?) Keats' illustrations encouraged us to talk to Chuck about snow, what it felt like, where it came from, and what it looked like.

The Snowy Day

After we read the book, I told Chuck that we were going to make our very own artwork showcasing Peter and winter snow.  I pulled out an old, empty Christmas card box (with plastic lid).  (You could also use a disposable pie pan, or take-out box.  It just need to be a container with a plastic lid.)  Then, I traced out a rectangle from blue construction paper.  Chuck used markers to draw snow.

Then, I gave him a cutout Peter and snow pile to glue onto his blue construction paper.

And then, we tossed in a bunch of cotton balls to act as our snow.  (We didn't glue these down because I wanted to snow to move around.)

Fun Kid's Winter Craft- The Snowy Day Shadow Box

Then, we closed the box, and glued on a snowy "cloud" to the top of the box.    (I could have glued this inside, but I had some sticky residue left from a label that I wanted to cover up.)

Then, Chuck shook the box around so that our cotton ball snow would fall on top of Peter.  (This was Chuck's favorite part.  He really liked shaking the box and seeing the snow fall from the "cloud" to the ground..)

the Snowy Day Shadow Box

This was such a simple and fun winter craft.  I hope you enjoy trying it out with your kids too!

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