Monday, April 27, 2015

Make Pasta Frames with Kids!

Ah, pasta.  It's cheap, always in your cupboards, yummy...and a GREAT crafting material!  Today I'm super excited because my fellow Rockin' Art Moms and I came up with 14 super fun, beautiful, and easy pasta art projects that you can make with your kids!

And... *drum roll please* we want to see YOUR pasta creations and we're also hosting a GIVEAWAY too.  Yippee! So definitely check out the bottom of the post to see the giveaway details and all the other ladies' awesome posts.

Chuck and I decided to use our pasta to decorate painted picture frames!

Make Pasta Frames With Kids!

make pasta frames with kids for mother's day
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First, we spray painted our pasta white.  We did this outside in our backyard on some old newspaper.

spray paint pasta

While it dried, Chuck and I painted our frames. He loves rainbows, so I drew some lines in for him and he painted them in.  I love oranges, so I used a spouncer to paint circles and a paintbrush handle to create the spots.

paint rainbow frame and orange frame- kids craft

When the paint dried, we glued on our wheel pasta.

glue pasta onto painted frame for kids craft

I didn't have any photos of us lying around, so we framed artwork instead.  I traced the picture frame holes onto watercolor paper.  Then, we drew pictures with sharpies and colored them in with  watercolors.

 sharpie and watercolor artwork with kids for Mother's Day

Once the pictures dried, we placed them into our frames for some lovely, colorful artwork!

easy diy Mother's Day Gift- pasta an painted picture frames

pasta and painted picture frames- easy diy gift for kids to make with their parents!

I hope you have fun trying this activity out with your kids too! And, as promised, here are 14 other fun art projects!  


Feeling inspired to make something amazing with pasta?  The Rockin' Art Moms are opening up the Macaroni Challenge to everyone!

Please join us and create your own unique pasta project and post a pic on IG, Twitter, or the Rockin' art for Kids FB page with the hashtag #themacaronichallenge.

The challenge ends on Mother's Day!  Until then, we'll be sharing some of our favorite projects on our FB pages.

All project posted to our Rockin' art for Kids FB page or to IG with the #themacaronichallenge will be entered to win free copies of art and craft books written by the Rockin' Art Moms.  Entries are restricted to residents of the US and Canada only.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced in IG and FB page.

Good luck and happy making! We can't wait to see what you come up with! Pin It