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Let's Make Easy Wire Wrapped Nature Pendants!

How has your summer been going so far?  We've been spending a ton of time outdoors, running around, playing in the water, and digging in the sand.  For what?  Treasures!  So far we've found lovely bits of blue and green sea glass, shells, and funny shaped rocks.  We've placed some of our treasures on display at home and turned others into these easy-to-make, wire wrapped nature pendants. 

Let's Make Wire Wrapped Nature Pendants!

How to make easy wire wrapped nature pendants
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Aren't they lovely?  We love doing nature crafts, like making melted crayon friendship rocks, weaving with flowersbuilding birds nests, and constructing play dough and rock houses.  Today's wire wrapped pendants are a too difficult for the preschool crowd, but adults and older children can easily wrap pendants for younger ones!  

Materials Needed to Make Wire Wrapped Pendants

Here's what you'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Assortment of Natural Treasures:  (The flatter, the better!)
    • Shells, Sea Glass, and Rocks collected at the beach
    • Geodes (Can you believe that we made our own using DIY Geode Kits?)
    • Shark Teeth (I wish we could find them on our shores!)
  • 25 gauge jewelry wire  (This is super thin and malleable wire.)
  • Optional: E6000 Glue 

Ok, let's get wrapping!

cut the wire

1.  Cut your wire.  (The longer wire, the better.   It takes quite a bit of wire to wrap around each item and you can always cut off any excess bits.  I cut mine as long as my two arms spread apart.)

start wrapping wire around your natural item

2.  Then, start wrapping. Hold one end behind your pendant.  Then, wrap your wire in all directions around your rock/shell.  Make sure that everything's nice and tight.  (If you find that your wire keeps slipping, you could also also dab a drop of E6000 Glue to first adhere the wire in place.  Keep in mind that flatter items are easier to wrap than rounder ones.)

how to make a loop for your wire wrapped pendant

3.  Once you feel like your wires are securely wrapped around your object, it's time to make the loop!  Create a loop with your wire and then twist the loop several times to help it keep it's shape.  Then, continue wrapping your object tightly.

how to finish up your wire wrapped pendant

4.  Once your wire holds the object in place, finish off your pendant by repeatedly wrapping the excess wire around the bottom of your loop, moving from bottom to top.  This will ensure that everything stays in place!  Then, trim off any excess bits.

These are so easy to make, you'll soon find yourself with dozens of lovely, natural, wire wrapped pendants!

make a whole bunch of wire wrapped pendants

Aren't they lovely?

how to make wire wrapped pendants

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