Monday, May 27, 2013

A + C's wedding

This past weekend we attended a cousin's wedding in Brooklyn.  It was a wonderfully intimate and elegant affair.  The bride and her mother's touches were everywhere.  The lovely bride altered her own dress and both ladies worked together to bake and decorate the cake and put together all the floral arrangements.

Here's what we wore to the wedding:  (We took these photos beforehand because it would be nearly impossible to take photos while entertaining an active almost-two-year old during the event.)

 And here are photos taken before the event:
Something blue

Wedding cake made by the bride's mom

Can you believe these flowers aren't real?  They're edible and made by hand.

My small DIY contribution- Handwritten escort cards

Wall decorations at the reception

Bride's bouquet
Here are photos taken from the ceremony:

Here's how we entertained Chuck during the ceremony
 Here are photos taken during the reception:
Beautiful lace back

Dinner time!
Cake cutting

Congratulations A and C!   Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. Pin It