Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY Scalloped Jean shorts

DIY Scalloped Jean Shorts

It's Memorial Day Weekend.  How are you going to celebrate?  We're going to eat burgers, attend a wedding, and nap.... a lot.  (<--If Chuck lets us... that is...)  Inspired by all the lovely lazing about that I hope to be doing next week, I made myself a pair of comfy scalloped jean shorts from a pair of old jeans:

DIY Scalloped Jean Shorts

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Materials Needed to Make Scalloped Jean Shorts:

Here's how I made these Scalloped Jean Shorts:

1.  I cut my pair of jeans with my scissors and turned them into shorts.
How to Make Scalloped Jean Shorts
 2.  I used a marker and traced a bottle cap to create scallops.
Use bottle cap to trace scallops
 3.  Then, I cut out the scallops.  Here's what the jeans looked like freshly cut.
how to make scalloped jean shorts
And here are the scallops after I washed them:
DIY Scalloped Jean Shorts

What do you think?  Cute and hippy?  Or strange and Frankenstein-y?  I rather like them, so I'm wearing them around town.

Hope you have a good Memorial day weekend!

(Update:  By the end of the summer, the scallops had frayed and the bottom of my shorts looked like normal cut offs.  But it was fun while it lasted!)
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