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Toilet Roll Biplane Airplanes Craft

Although Chuck isn't always so keen to craft with me (sad, I know,) he fortunately loves making cardboard toys with me.  (Yay!)  Currently he loves planes.  But since we've already crafted toilet roll planestoilet roll helicopters, and cardboard roll space shuttles... I was at a loss as to what we could make together next.  One day he suggested that we make a biplane together.  So we went with his suggestion and did this toilet roll biplane craft!

Toilet Roll Biplane Craft

Make Toilet Roll biplanes! Easy and fun kids craft!

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I think he looks a little like Leadbottom from the movie Planes, don't you?

Check out how we made this simple plane from recycled materials below!

Materials Needed to Make Toilet Roll Biplane Airplane

Let's Make a biplane!

Here are all the parts that we created or found, and then painted.

all the parts needed to make a toilet roll biplane

A.  Toilet Paper roll body:  Seal one end shut with two staples and then cut out a slit in the middle for the tail piece to fit through.  Note:  Before doing this, I SHOULD HAVE also taped and hot glued in two coins inside the toilet roll body to properly weigh the plane down.  The front part of the plane is heavier than the back, so the plane won't stand upright correctly without the weights.  I didn't do this prior to painting and ended up attaching the coins to the plane's bottom.  This looked a tad bit unsightly.  (You can see the photos below.)

B.  Mini Popsicle Stick legs:  You need two of them for your plane.

C.  Fastener:  You need one to attach the propeller onto the front of the plane

D.  Wing Supports:  Cut out two identical rectangles from a cereal box to support your set of wings.

E.  Front of Airplane:  Trace your toilet roll onto a cereal box and cut the circle out.  Then, drill  a hole through the center for the propeller.

F.  Jumbo Popsicle Stick Wings:  You need 2 of these.

G.  Mini Popsicle Stick Propeller:  Drill a hole through the center to attach the propeller to the front of the plane.

H.  Wheels:  Cut out two identical circles from your cereal box.

I.  Tail:  Cut out a rectangle for a tail.  Then, cut out a slit to attach it to your plane.

Once your paint dries, use Sharpie Markers to further decorate them.  Then, assemble your parts!

attach the propeller onto the front of the plane

First attach your propeller to the front of the plane.

(The rest is pretty self-explanatory.  Use hot glue to glue your pieces on!)

DIY toilet roll and popsicle biplane airplane kids' craft

And just so you can see, this is how I ended up weighing down my plane.  I taped and glued on two coins the back, bottom portion of the plane.  But you should do that inside the toilet paper tube so that no one will see the coins.

To attach the legs, cut two slits with your craft knife into the bottom of the plane.  Then, just slide the legs in. (You can glue them in place to make everything more secure.)

bottom of toilet roll biplane airplane craft

You're all done!  Now it's time to take your plane out for a spin!

finished toilet roll biplane airplanes craft

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