Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Colorful Shoelaces!

Lately I've been thinking about super simple Christmas gifts that kids could make for their friends.  Last year Chuck used Sharpies to make his own Sharpie Tie-Dye Shirt.  This time I thought I'd have a turn using Sharpies to turn plain white shoelaces into cute and colorful shoelaces!

DIY Colorful Shoe laces

DIY Colorful Shoelaces - Great for shnazzing up shoes, or a great gift for kids to make for others
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This was a super fun project with colorful and unique results!

Let's get started!

Materials Needed to Decorate Shoelaces

materials needed to decorate shoelaces

use Sharpies to decorate shoelaces

First I taped the laces down to a large piece of cardboard.  This stopped my laces from moving around while I colored.

Then, I turned on a tv show (currently I love Brooklyn 99!) and colored with my Sharpie Markers.

Just to warn you, the ink does spread.  So don't hold your marker down for too long and don't go over your lines.  Otherwise the colors will bleed (which can also be pretty too).

DIY Colorful shoelaces using Sharpie Markers

I only did one side of each lace, but you can certainly do both sides as long as your Sharpie doesn't bleed through.

How to make colorful shoelaces

That's it! I'm hoping to have more posts showcasing other fun and easy gifts that kids can make for their friends in the weeks to come!  Hope you have a rockin' good time making this colorful craft!

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Happy making!

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