Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas crafts? Christmas crafts?  Ok, I haven't completely gone bonkers... it's just that the stores have started putting out their Christmas things... so I wanted to join in on the fun.  Last year I had a lot of fun Christmas crafting (remember the village made from Plaster of Paris?)  This year I fell in love with all of the beautiful colors of paint swatches from Home Depot... so I took a bunch home (shhhh, don't tell anyone) and made a bunch of cute paper Christmas trees with Chuck.

Then I wasn't sure what to do with our little army of trees.  At first I was going to turn them into a garland of some sort, but then realized that they would make for a really simple and modern take on a DIY Christmas Advent Calendar!

Easy Christmas Tree Advent Calendar!

easy DIY christmas tree advent calendar
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Although Chuck currently isn't really into painting, he IS into stickers.... which is great because I have a ton of cute circle stickers lying around from our twisty snake craft.

Here's how we made our trees!

make christmas tree advent calendar from paint samples and circle stickers

First I cut out a bunch of triangles (from different shades of green) and rectangles (from different shades of brown.)  Then, Chuck and I got to sticking circle stickers on them.  Then, I taped the tops and bottoms of the trees together.

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Since the trees were so easy to make, we soon found ourselves with a small army of them.

easy Christmas advent calendar

On the back of each tree, I wrote (using this marker) a fun Christmas activity that we would do together.  (Not sure if making smores is exactly Christmasy--- but I really wanted to make some and eat them.  Yummy.)

We're going to hang these trees up on the wall with tape.  Then each day Chuck can just pull a tree down to reveal a fun activity, craft, or toy.

super simple DIY Advent Calendar

Aren't they beautiful?  This was definitely a SUPER EASY and beautiful craft.  Hope you have fun trying it out too!

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