Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kid Science: Let's Study Seeds

Are you looking for ways to incorporate science into your child's daily life?   Lately Chuck's been really enjoying the television show Sid the Science Kid.  I typically work beside him while he watches tv, but dang it, that show hooks me in EVERY TIME.  They make science so accessible for little kids (and adults too, apparently.)  Plus, I love how they encourage children to be curious, observe, and explore their world. Thanks to Sid, I'm now trying to do some really easy science activities at home with Chuck too.  In fact, here's one fun activity that we recently did together- we studied seeds!

Kid STEM Activity:  Seed Study!

kids stem activity- studying seeds!

The activity took place over the span of a week.  Each day we cut open a fruit (wait- are these guys all fruits because they have seeds? EEek. Time to do my own investigation...) and then examined the seeds inside.

We talked about the size of the seeds, color of the seeds, and quantity of seeds.

(I also tried to encourage Chuck to try eating a bit of each fruit too... but that didn't always work so well... oh well!)

Once we finished our discussion, I washed and dried the seeds.   Once they were dry, we made some lovely fruit (and veg?) collages.

easy kid science activity- look at the seeds in your food!

I cut out the different shapes for Chuck, and he used a glue stick to stick them onto each card.  Then, he glued on the seeds with white glue.

Whoa.  Who knew that tomato seeds were so tiny?

kid science STEM activity-   compare the sizes of seeds

Once we had several cards completed, we compared the sizes and colors of the different seeds.

And now the cards sit in our nature area.  From time to time, Chuck will grab his magnifying glass to look at the seeds.

Hope you have fun trying this activity out too!  

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