Monday, November 23, 2015

Glittery and Gorgeous Fall Leaf Process Art

Today's fall art idea is simple, beautiful, and fun to make!  Tada! We're adding to our growing list of fall crafts with these glittery and gorgeous fall leaves!  

Glittery and Gorgeous Fall Leaf Process Art

Gorgeous Glittery Fall Leaf Process Art
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner... these past two weeks have been super hectic and crazy.  But I still make time to craft with my son because it makes me happy and (surprise, surprise) he's been really into it lately. (Hooray!)

This craft was a hit because it involved some of his favorite materials:  glue and glitter!

How to make gorgeous, glittery, fall leaf process art- great for kids of all ages

First we went outside and collected some beautiful fall leaves.

Then, I covered our work area with newspaper and pulled out a disposable baking dish,
glitter glue, a mixture of sand and glitter*, and a tray.

(*Note:  I've been collecting unused sand and glitter from old projects for awhile.  It was sitting in the back of my craft closet lonely and unused.  So I was stokked to finally pull it out.)

After giving him this invitation to create, we both just went at it.  I enjoyed using the glitter glue to make designs, but he preferred to squeeze glue onto the leaves and then cover them with the sand/glitter mixture. (Sand and glitter are both a pain to clean up.  To keep the mess at a minimum, we did all our pouring in the deep baking dish.)

The leaves dried overnight and then voila!

The results are really quite lovely, don't you think?  We've taped some up to our mantle, but I imagine these would make lovely decorations for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Or, you could always string them up with yarn to make a garland!

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gorgeous and glittery fall leaf process art- great fall art activity to do with kids of all ages

Hope you have fun trying this easy art project with the kiddos too.   It's such a beautiful way to adorn Mother Nature's colorful creations!

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