Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to Cut Snowman Snowflakes (2 ways!)

Ah, winter time.  Hot chocolate.  Cold weather.  Early nights.  Stir crazy kids?  Hrmm.  Just me? Well, whether you find yourself in that situation (or not) here's a fun winter craft that will help lift everyone's spirits!

Today we're making snowman snowflakes!

2 Ways to Make Snowman Snowflakes!

2 ways to cut snowman snowflakes with kids! Fun winter activity
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These snowman snowflakes were inspired by my constant search for easy origami, kirigami, and paper cutting crafts.  

(Plus, I had such a fun time designing these 2 Lego Snowflakes that I figured I might as well add another snowflake cutting activity this year too!)

If you have older children, you could issue them the challenge to design their own snowman snowflake and then see where their creativity takes them!  (I'll bet they come up with really neat designs.)

I issued myself that very challenge and here are the 2 snowman snowflake designs that I came up with:

Design 1:  Snowman with Snowflake body

easy snowman snowflake

First, I cut out 2 circles, one slightly larger than the other.  The larger circle became the body and the smaller circle became the head.

I folded the larger circle in half, then in half again, and then in half again.  Then, I cut out a snowflake design.  I drew a face on my smaller circle.  Then, I cut out a hat and arms from origami paper and taped everything together.  

Bam.  Now you have a fun and new way to showcase all your snowflake cutting skills!  

Design 2:  Snowman Snowflakes

How to cut snowman snowflakes with kids

Ok.  This one is a bit more complex... but it's still definitely doable with a pair of sharp scissors!

I cut out this cute snowflake design from a regular sheet of computer paper.  First, I cut and folded my rectangular paper to prep it for snowflake cutting.  (If you're not sure how to do that, just follow steps 1-5 from my Lego snowflake post.)  

Then, I cut out my snowmen bodies like so-

how to cut snowman snowflakes with kids

Then, I opened it up and used markers to add the details.

(Ack! So, so cute.)

how to cut snowman snowflakes with kids

Ok.   I hope you have fun cutting out your own snowmen with the kiddos.

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