Tuesday, December 22, 2015

GIANT, Gorgeous Painted Snowflakes

I have 3 words for you:  GIANT COLORFUL SNOWFLAKES.  A dream?  Nope!  These gorgeous snowflakes are simple to make and a great way to showcase your child's artwork too!

Giant and Gorgeous Painted Snowflakes

Easy way to make giant painted, colorful snowflakes with kids
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As you probably know, I love simple origami, kirigami, and paper cutting crafts.  There's just so much creative possibility when crafting with a plain, sheet of paper.

Every year I cut out snowflakes to decorate our home and this year I figured I'd play around with scale.

Let's Make Giant Painted Snowflakes!

First, I covered our work area.  Then, we grabbed some newspaper and brown paper bags.  I cut open the brown paper bags so we'd have a nice, flat painting surface.

Then, we grabbed our tempera paints, paint brushes, brayer, and glitter glue.  (I didn't provide any water for us to wash our brushes because I was worried that wet brushes would make the newspaper too soggy.)

paint snowflakes

And then we went to town squirting, painting and rolling!  My preschooler and I painted alongside each other.  He really enjoyed using the brayer, and just squeezed the paint and glitter glue directly onto his brown paper bag.

paint brown paper bag snowflakes with roller

We let everything dry overnight.  Then, I took the paper and cut them into snowflakes!  

how to cut out giant newspaper and brown paper snowflakes

Can you tell that we're on a gold and sparkly streak over here?
I love how gorgeous the paint looks on brown paper!

giant painted brown paper bag snowflakes

Currently our giant snowflakes are adorning our dining room wall. I hope you have a wonderful time trying out this craft with your kids too!

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how to cut out giant painted snowflakes from brown paper bags and newspapers

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