Monday, September 26, 2016

Magical Unicorn Gift Box Craft

If you're ever invited to a unicorn-themed birthday party.... you have to try out today's craft.  Yup.  I'm living out some childhood fantasies with this magical gift wrapping idea.  Recently I turned a plain-jane gift box into a cute unicorn one! Tada!

magical unicorn gift box birthday wrapping kids craft
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In the spirit of a friend's upcoming unicorn themed birthday party and Halloween, I recently wrapped a gift to look like a unicorn.  The results came out so cute, I figured I should share it here too.  (Sorry that I don't have any step-by-step shots of my process.  I was just in the magical unicorn flow...)

All you need for today's craft are:  some construction paper, tape, markers, white computer paper/craft paper, craft knife, cutting mat, and scissors!

Oh! And a cute unicorn gift too.  Our friend just got her ears pierced, so we're giving her a pair of adorable handmade unicorn earrings.  If you peek around Amazon, you'll find lots of other other super-cute and magical unicorn gifts!

Ok! Let's make this unicorn craft!

1. Wrap your gift with white wrapping paper or plain paper. (Ours was small, so I just used a sheet of computer paper.)

2.  Draw on a face.

3.  Cut out strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper.  Tape them together to create the hair.

4.  Cut out two ear shapes.  Fold them on the bottom to create tabs.  These will help you attach them to the horse's head.

5.  Roll a tall ice-cream cone shape from yellow construction paper.  Secure it with tape.

6.  Mark out where your ears and horn will pop out of your unicorn hair.  Use a craft knife to cut those portions out.

7.  Tape on the hair, ears and the horn (I cut out slots on the bottom of my horn to help it better adhere to the box. You can see it in the pictures below.)

8. Cut out some fringe in the front to give your unicorn some nice bangs.

Hopefully that was clear enough.  Here are some up-close shots of my work.
Here is what it should look like from the top!

magical unicorn gift box birthday wrapping kids craft

And here's what it looks like underneath-
(My ear tabs are kind of funny because I was trying to make them curvy.  It didn't really work, so I would just fold them once instead like I did for my fox gift box craft.)

magical unicorn gift box birthday wrapping kids craft

Neigh, neigh!

Happy magical, rainbow, making!

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magical unicorn gift box birthday wrapping kids craft

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