About me

Hiya!  My name is Leslie.   

I love creating things and getting messy.  

I'm a

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Thank you for visiting my little piece of the web.  This is my happy place.  Hopefully you'll find a couple of ideas and projects that you'd like to try out too.  

So go ahead and peek around! 

*Crapter?  Say what?  Oh yeah.  I make stuff from crap.  I just love turning junk into something beautiful, useful, or fun.

Eggshell Mosaic Pendants                    Sumo Bowling Pins                        Egg Carton Wreath

Upcycled gift box                                Cereal Box Elephant                     String art milk jug necklace

I'm also a proud member of

Psst- Want to chat?  (I love making new friends.)   You can email me here:  blocksrfun(at)gmail(dot)com

Or, you can find me on Facebook InstagramTwitter, or Pinterest



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