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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Easy Recycled Gnome Sun catcher Craft

We love making easy kid-friendly suncatcher and stained glass crafts! They're especially fun in the winter when everything outside seems cold and grey. When I saw this adorable gnome sun catcher on Etsy, I knew we had the perfect inspiration to make our very own kid-friendly holiday version. Tada!

How to Make an Easy Recycled Gnome Sun Catcher

Easy Recycled Gnome Suncatcher Kids Craft for winter holidays

They're so cute!!!

(I love hanging out with my gnomies. It's the only hanging out that we're allowed to do. Oy. Quarantine humor..)

Monday, July 2, 2018

Super Easy Recycled, Homemade Sun catchers

If you're looking for a super easy kids craft that you can make from recycled materials... this is it! We've tried making several fun suncatcher crafts with the kids.  But today's suncatcher craft is by far the easiest one ever.  You can literally make dozens in minutes.  Intrigued?  Read on!

How to Make Super Easy, Homemade Recycled Suncatchers

Super Easy Recycled Sun catchers- easy and fun kids craft

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Gorgeous "Painted" Oil Pastel Crystal Sun catchers

Have you ever tried "painting" with oil pastels?  Every so often I feel all artsy-smartsy and pull out my big 'ol box of oil pastels and do an easy oil pastel craft with my kids.  This past week I felt the urge and we made these crystal suncatchers by "painting" with oil pastels.  The results were pretty gorgeous and the process was fun too!

"Painted" Oil Pastel Crystal Sun Catchers

"Painting" with oil pastels to create beautiful "crystal" sun catchers with kids

Note:  This post contains affiliate links.  This means I make a small bit of change when you purchase items through the links.  Thank you for your support and the grocery money! For my full disclosure policy, click here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Make Super Graphic and Colorful Shark Sun Catchers with Kids

Did you know that it's Shark Week?  We don't have cable, so I had no idea until someone else informed me.  While I'm not quite sure what Shark Week entails.... we do love learning about sharks and doing easy shark crafts..... like this

Super Easy Shark Sun Catcher Craft!      

Make Super graphic and colorful shark sun catchers with kids!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Glue Suncatchers

Awhile back I made this lovely apple faux stained glass using black glue as the "lead" and tinted clear glue (affiliate link) to paint colorful panels.  Ever since making that craft, I kept wondering if there was a way to adapt it for preschoolers.  So I came up with this super easy kids glue sun catcher activity.   It takes only 2 ingredients to make the "paint" and you probably already have all the materials on hand!

Super Easy Glue Sun catcher Art with Kids  

how to make glue sun catchers with preschoolers

Friday, March 6, 2015

10 Ocean Crafts and Activities

This week's Creative Preschool Collaborator's theme is Oceans and Fish!  I was excited to tackle the theme because Chuck LOVES going to the beach and playing in the ocean.   So keep reading for some ocean themed storybook ideas, 10 preschool ocean crafts/activities, AND 4 other kid blogger's creative Ocean themed activities!

10 Ocean Crafts and Activties

10 Ocean themed Activities for Preschool kids and a list of ocean-themed storybook ideas
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Monday, February 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Clover Sun Catchers

Looking for an easy St. Patrick's Day craft? Well, today's your lucky day.  Here's a simple St. Patrick's Day Clove Craft to make with young children!

St. Patrick's Day Clover Sun Catcher Craft

St. Patrick's Day Clover Sun Catchers
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recycled Pumpkin Sun Catcher Craft

Tis the season for Halloween crafting, fa-la-la-... Oh wait.  Wrong song.  Well, you get the point. The season for Halloween crafting has begun!  Last year we made of ton of Halloween crafts (see bottom of post for links).  This year we've folded an origami black cat and made a cardboard pumpkin with a changeable face.   Today we're going to make another recycled Halloween craft.  This time we made these milk jug pumpkin sun catchers!

DIY Milk Jug Pumpkin Sun Catchers

DIY Milk Jug Pumpkin Sun Catcher Craft!

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I really liked this craft because the pumpkins were SO easy to make with my 3 year old.  And we didn't have to spend a ton of time on prep or a ton of money for materials.  (That's a definite win win in my book.)  Ok!  Let's get making!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stained Glass Craft with Aluminum foil and Cellophane

Are you looking for another take on kids' stained glass window crafts?  Instead of using contact paper, why not use aluminum foil!  Glue pieces of cellophane on top of aluminum foil to create a lovely stained glass effect.  The colorful cellophane really stands out against the shiny aluminum foil background. 

Oooh!  And it's spring themed! Spring.... glorious spring....
Stained glass craft with aluminum foil and cellophane

Not sure if you can tell, but the black outlined tulip stands up against the aluminum foil.  Yup, it's my faux leading.  Nice, right?  Keep reading to see how we made these aluminum foil and cellophane stained glass panels.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cellophane Stained Glass Windows

Who's up for a little color?  Anyone? Anyone? Everything's looking pretty grey here, so Chuck and I made some cellophane stained glass windows.  I cut up pieces of cellophane and then we stuck them to our windows using a mixture of dish soap and water.   

Ahh, don't these hearts just brighten your day?
Cellophane stained glass heart windows

Keep reading to see how we did this activity...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Faux Stained Glass (using Mod Podge and Fabric paint)

Around this time last year, I made myself a lovely faux stained glass panel out of an old frame, Elmers glue, and craft paint.  Sadly, that panel broke a couple of months ago.  I thought it was high time that I made another one, but this time I experimented with 3D fabric paint, Mod Podge, and acrylic paint.   After everything dried, I was surprised by how nice the panel turned out!  Here are the results of my little experiment: 

Tee hee hee.  Do you see bald men sitting in chairs.... or ladies with large hairdos?  They're supposed to be ladies... and I find them hilarious!  (I can't take credit for the design though.  It came right from this pinned image.)  Right now this modern and quirky stained glass panel sits inside Chuck's room and I always supress a giggle whenever I see their round glasses looking at me.

Wanna try making your own faux stained glass panel?  Read on!

  • Picture frame
  • Three dimensional black fabric paint
  • Mod Podge (I used Matte)
  • Craft Paint 
  • Paint brush
  • Muffin Tin (or artist's palette)
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Optional:  Clear tape, glass cleaner


1.  Pull out the sheet inside of your frame and trace it onto a piece of paper.  (Alternatively, you could also trace the glass or back panel of the frame.)  Cut out your rectangle and draw a design on it.

2.  Clean the glass of your picture frame.

3.  Place the glass on top of your sketch.  Then, use your fabric paint to trace the black "lead" of your stained glass panel.

4.  Once your "lead" dries, turn your glass over so that the lead is on the bottom.  Place your glass panel on top of a sheet of clean, white paper.  Now you're going to paint the colored portions on the back of your glass. (I chose to do it this way so that I wouldn't have to worry about painting over my black lines.)  Create the colored portions by mixing together approximately 1 teaspoon of Mod Podge and 2-3 drops of craft paint.  Mix both together well.  Then, paint the back of your glass panel with the different colors.   

5.  Once your colored paint dries, place your glass back into your frame and secure it.  (I used a couple of pieces of clear tape to make sure the panel stayed put.)   Remember that the front of your stained glass has the fabric paint on it and the back of your stained glass has the colored Mod Podge on it  Also, make sure that you do not scratch the glass panel because the Mod Podge and fabric paint will scrape off.  

And that's it!  Make one of these babies for yourself... or better yet, get your kids to make one as holiday a gift for someone they love.  Happy crafting! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make Sugar Skull Sun Catchers and Crystallized Sugar Skull Ornaments

Alright everyone... the countdown is on.  It's just a couple of days till Halloween.  Are you excited?  Or, are you over all the orange and black?

I'm in the first group and still SUPER excited for Halloween.  I just finished Chuck's costume this past weekend, so he's ready to go.  I'm not sure if he'll appreciate the idea of trick-or-treating (plus his allergies prevent him from eating a lot of the candy out there), but I think he'll enjoy seeing other kids in costumes and all the spooky decorations.

I'll upload some photos of his costume later on this week... but today I just wanted to share the last of my sugar skull crafts.

So, we already made DIY sugar skull candle holders and DIY sugar skull luminaries and Allison shared her lovely tutorial for DIY sugar skull shoes.  Today's sugar skull crafts were designed with kids in mind.  They're easy to make and the resulting products look great.

1.  Sugar Skull Window Clings

Colorful and fun, these two skulls will float happily on your window.

  • Contact Paper (Buy the cheap stuff from the Dollar Store)
  • Black paint pen (You could also use a Sharpie marker, but the lines won't be as dark.)
  • Scissors
  • Cellophane 
  • Tape

Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Sugar Skull (Day of the Dead) Milk Jug Luminaries

Currently my college friend Kim is visiting us for the week.  It's been really nice having someone else here while hubby is away.  Time just passes by much quicker when you're having fun with a friend.

And just how have we been having fun?  Well, we've been playing with Chuck... and eating... and watching tv... and crafting... a lot... a whole lot...  Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos are right around the corner, so all of our crafts have been centered around those two holidays. 

I'm currently on a sugar skull kick.  I just love the way they look.  So when I was staring at an old milk jug the other day, an idea dawned on me.  Ding!  Why not use them to make some sugar skull luminaries?  So tada, here's what I came up with:

I'd seen tons of posts for ghost milk jug luminaries for awhile, so I figured this was a nice twist on that craft.  It uses skulls and colorful lights instead of ghost faces and white lights.   I just love how this little guy turned out.  He's so cute and smiley... and gosh darn it, I've just got a big ol' soft soft for any craft that involves twinkly, colorful lights.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Contact paper and cellophane stained glass windows

Our weekly baby and toddler music class has now morphed into a music and craft class.  The kids are getting more mobile now, so we figured it was good to give them something to make and do with their hands.  (Otherwise, they go straight to grabbing the lovely books on the shelves or pushing the furniture around.  Cute, but slightly disruptive to the library.)

But what kinds of activities could the kids do?  Well, the activity had to be
- Suitable for children from 1-3
- Easy to prep
- Easy to set up
- Super easy and quick to clean up
- Made from cheap materials
- Fun!!! (Of course.)

Because of my love for stained glass, I wanted to try a simple stained glass activity with the kids.  Instead of using glue (too messy for the younger kids), we used contact paper to attach our colored cellophane.

  • Two identical rectangles of contact paper (I just bought a small roll from the Dollar store instead of buying the expensive large roll from the department store)
  • Masking tape and clear tape
  • Frame cut out from a cereal box (Note:  Make the opening of the frame smaller than your contact paper rectangles)
  • Different colored pieces of cellophane cut into small rectangles

1.  Carefully remove the backing from one contact paper rectangle and use masking tape to tape the sheet sticky side up to your table. 

2.  Let your child stick the cellophane rectangles onto the contact paper. (Chuck loved this part.)

3.  Remove a portion of the backing from another sheet of contact paper.  Then, slowly stick the second sheet of contact paper on top of the first (sticky side down), smoothing it, and removing the rest of the backing as you go.  (This was the toughest part. When we got bumps or bubbles, we just lifted up the top sheet of contact paper and tried again.)

 4.  Tape your contact paper rectangle onto your frame.   Decorate the frame however you want.


Here are some of the mommy and children's actual work (My sample item is in the one on top in the middle.)

They were fun to make and came out super colorful and cute.

We struggled a bit with the contact paper, but I didn't care because some of the 2 year olds actually sat still for a couple of minutes and stuck the colored cellophane onto the contact paper.  What?  A couple minutes of concentrated effort?  Awesome.  I'll take it!

One very pregnant mommy even said that this was the longest time that her almost-2 year old sat still.   She didn't want to leave because he was behaving so nicely.

Ahh, music to my ears.  Her comment just made my day.

I love seeing moms and children engaged in an activity and enjoying time together.

Happy crafting!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make a stained glass house using cellophane

A while ago, a cousin sent me a beautiful faux stained glass panel that her friend made using colored cellophane and a picture frame.  I've since lost the photo, but every so often I keep thinking back to that image and wanting to make my own faux stained glass using cellophane.

Here's a fun kids' craft that I came up with:  a 3D stained glass house constructed out of cellophane and plastic containers:
- paper
- pencil
- scissors
- clean and dry plastic lids (sturdier plastic works better than flimsier plastic)
- Mod Podge
- foam brush
- different colored cellophane (you could probably substitute colored tissue paper too)
- clear tape

1.  Cut out your six house pieces. (I cut them out of paper first to make sure everything fit and then traced my paper shapes onto plastic lids.)  You'll need two same-sized "house" shaped pieces for the front and back, two rectangles for the roof,  and two rectangles for the side of your house.  (I ended up making the two side and two roof pieces four identical squares so that I wouldn't have to worry too much about measuring.)

2.  Cut out random small pieces of cellophane.  I chose to cut out hearts and rectangles.

3.  Cover your work area.  Use your foam brush and Mod Podge the cellophane onto your house pieces.  Don't worry if the cellophane dangles off the edges.
 4. After the Mod Podge dries, trim any excess hanging cellophane pieces.  Your cellophane will dry crinkled, but that's ok.
 5.  Tape your pieces together to create a house.  (I first taped the pieces into the flat arrangement below.  Then, I bent and taped the pieces into their final 3D house shape.  I also made sure that the Mod Podged cellophane pieces were facing inside my stained glass house.  I figured this way the cellophane wouldn't rub off as easily.)

 Voila!  Done.  I think this would be a really fun craft to do with kids.  It's a different take on the traditional stained glass or sun catcher craft.    Let me know if you try it out!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Using cooking oil to blur oil pastels

I had no idea that plain old cooking oil could be used to blur oil pastels.  But once I found out, I had to try it for myself.  One afternoon I doodled away on some computer paper while Chuck napped.

Then, I used Q-tips and swabbed my pictures in canola oil.

The colors and lines blurred together.  The images also became translucent.  Here's how a picture looked before:

And here's how it looked after:

But what to do with my oily pictures?  After drying up the excess cooking oil, I traced and cut out some circles.

Then I taped my circles to the window and made some lovely sun catchers.

Hrmm... I wonder what kind of art Chuck would make....

(On a more serious note- Given the terrible tragedy that happened in Boston, I debated whether to put this post up.  Is writing about crafts too frivolous?  *Sigh*  It's just so sad that people could do something so horrible to others.  *Sigh*  In the end, I've decided to upload this post.  I can't do anything to directly help those affected.  However, I can keep praying and writing posts that hopefully bring a bit of cheer to anyone who reads them...)

Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Faux Stained glass

I love stained glass. There's something so beautiful about seeing sunlight shine through all those brightly colored panels.  I think my dream house would have a room filled with tons and tons of stained glass windows. (A girl can dream, right?)  

Since we're still living in a small apartment, I'm putting my dreams for that stained glass room on hold.  But what can I say?  The heart wants what it wants.  So this gal is going to craft some stained glass while she waits. 

Armed with this awesome faux stained glass tutorial, I brought forth my inner glass artisan.

- full bottle of glue
- clear glue
- pencil and paper
- Sharpie marker
- thin, blunt paintbrushes
- craft paint in various colors
- mini muffin tin/ mini cups (to hold paint)
- craft knife
- picture frame
- skewer

Step 1:  I took the glass panel out of my picture frame and cleaned it. 

Step 2:  I pulled out the white sheet of paper inside of my frame and used that to draw my stained glass design on.  (If you're missing that sheet, you could also just tape several pieces of paper together and draw on those.)
I really wanted a groovy and tasty pattern.

Step 3:  I created the "lead."  To do this, I emptied out a bit of glue from my bottle.  Then, I added several drops of black craft paint into the bottle.  I used my skewer to stir the paint and glue together.  (Note:  It didn't take very much black paint to turn the glue black.  I tried not to put too much paint into the glue bottle because I didn't want my  "lead" to get very watery and not dry nicely.)

Step 4:  I put the lid back onto my glue bottle and did some practice strokes.  When I had a good feeling for how quickly the glue flowed, I started tracing my design onto the glass panel.  (Note:  I still had some problems with the glue spreading.  But I took care of that in step 5...)
See how the seeds on the left ended up black?  It's ok... I fixed that in step 5.

Step 5:  I let the "lead" dry overnight.  Then, I used my craft knife to carve and peel away any the messy bits.
See? The seeds are fixed!

Step 6:  I poured clear glue into my mini muffin tin container.  Then, I put drops of craft paint into each of my containers to create different colored "glass paint." (Again it didn't take very much paint to color my clear glue.)  I used this paint to paint my glass.  (Note:  Make sure your paint fills in every nook and cranny.  Otherwise you'll end up with clear glass bits.)

Step 7:  After my paint dried overnight, I noticed that I had painted over my "lead."  No worries, I used my trusty Sharpie marker to re-color my "lead."   Then, I placed my glass back into my frame.   Tada!

Happy crafting!