Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recycled Pumpkin Sun Catcher Craft

Tis the season for Halloween crafting, fa-la-la-... Oh wait.  Wrong song.  Well, you get the point. The season for Halloween crafting has begun!  Last year we made of ton of Halloween crafts (see bottom of post for links).  This year we've folded an origami black cat and made a cardboard pumpkin with a changeable face.   Today we're going to make another recycled Halloween craft.  This time we made these milk jug pumpkin sun catchers!

DIY Milk Jug Pumpkin Sun Catchers

DIY Milk Jug Pumpkin Sun Catcher Craft!

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I really liked this craft because the pumpkins were SO easy to make with my 3 year old.  And we didn't have to spend a ton of time on prep or a ton of money for materials.  (That's a definite win win in my book.)  Ok!  Let's get making!


Let's Make Pumpkin Sun Catchers!

1.  Cut out pumpkin shapes from the flat portions of your milk jug.  (I just free handed the shapes.)

2.  Cover your work area.

Cut out pumpkins from milk jugs and glue on cellophane

3.  Cut your cellophane sheets  or colored tissue paper into squares.  Then, give your kid a sponge brush and Mod Podge.  Step out of the way and let them create!

(Chuck really enjoyed covering the pumpkins with the glue.  After gluing on a couple of squares he wasn't too keen on finishing because he didn't want to get his hands dirty.  So I helped him out.)

Glue on your cellophane

4.  Once everything dries, trim off overhanging cellophane bits.

DIY Milk Jug Pumpkin Sun Catchers Craft

5.  Use clear tape to attach your lovely pumpkin sun catchers to the window.

Stand back and enjoy your handiwork!

Admire your DIY pumpkin sun catchers

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Happy making!