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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tape Resist Chalk Hearts

Hi friends! I'm currently writing to you from... my home! We've only been socially isolating for about a week and I've been scrambling to find easy and fun art and craft ideas for the kids. Well, I saw all these lovely tape resist driveway art projects on IG, I had to try it out with my boys too. The results were so pretty and the process was so therapeutic.

Tape Resist Chalk Hearts

tape resist chalk hearts- easy art project to do with kids outside

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Origami Bears and Conversation Hearts

Origami bears? Origami conversation hearts? Honestly, I wasn't sure what to call today's Valentine's craft.  But I had to share this adorable origami project because it's such an easy and cute one that's perfect for elementary-aged kids!

How to Fold Origami Bears and Conversation Hearts

How to Fold Origami Bears and Conversation Hearts for a fun and easy kids Valentine's day craft

Monday, August 26, 2019

Easy DIY Clay Heart Mobile Craft

I love decorating my house with handmade items. Awhile back both my boys were really, really into Sculpey Clay (aff link).  In case you've never used this type of clay before, it's AMAZING! Once the clay is softened, you can basically manipulate it like playdough and then bake it in the oven to set it.  That's it! Super, super easy.

We've shared a ton of Sculpey Clay crafts on the blog over the years and today's heart mobile is one of my favorites! Kids can easily mix colors up to make cool, marble-like effects and then help out with cutting out hearts and stringing the whole mobile up too!

Let's Make an Easy DIY Clay Heart Mobile

How to Make a super easy DIY Clay Heart mobile using Sculpey Clay- fun kids craft

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Dreaming of you" 3D Heart Art Project for Valentine's Day

It's January... which means it's time to start sharing Valentine's Day Craft Ideas! Last year I posted an easy way to draw 3D optical illusion hearts.  They were such a hit.  So this year I'm sharing this cute "Dreaming of You" 3D heart drawing.  Like the previous art project, it uses curved and straight lines to create the illusion of a three-dimensional drawing.  But this time I added some fun Sharpie details and a sweet sleepy heart face (because let's be real- who doesn't love a kawaii face?)

Here's how to draw these sleepy three-dimensional heart drawings with your kids.

Step-by-Step instructions for drawing adorable 3D optical illusion hearts

A great Sharpie and Colored Pencil art project for kids!

how to draw step-by-step 3D optical illusion kids heart art and craft project for Valentine's Day

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How to Make Best Friend Clay Necklaces

Did you own a best friend necklace as a kid?  One of my friends recently bought a pair for her daughter and best friend.  (They were groovy mood ones.  Girls' jewelry has definitely gotten cuter since I was a kid.)  I was so inspired by the cute necklaces that my son and I made our own clay friendship necklaces.  Aren't they fun?

(And even though these were made for friends, this would be a great gift to make for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day too!)

Easy and Fun BFF Clay Heart Necklaces

How to Make Best Friend Clay Necklaces with Kids- Such a fun and easy craft for the whole family!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Snowflakes Craft

Should snowflake crafts only be done during December?  No way!  Snowflake crafts are year round over here.  It's almost February and I am loving nights where I can just sit and cut out beautiful designs from paper.  Today I'm giving  Valentine's Day Crafts a snowflake twist.  Tada!  How about cutting some paper heart snowflakes?

Paper Heart Snowflakes

make paper heart snowflakes for Valentine's Day- such a fun kids craft idea!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

3D Optical Illusion Heart Drawing Craft

Whoa!  Is this heart popping out of the page, or what?

Have you ever seen those 3D hand drawings?  You know,  the ones that seem to pop out at you?  Well, I was really amazed at how those drawings worked.  But I wanted to give the art project a Valentine's Day craft twist! This past weekend my son and I drew a ton of these 3D hearts.  The results are pretty neat (and the process is extremely addictive!)

How to Draw 3D Optical Illusion Heart Art

How to make a 3D optical illusion heart drawing craft for Valentine's Day

Monday, January 8, 2018

Adorable Paper Heart Stuffies (For Valentine's Day!)

Valentine's Day is coming up.... which means that Valentine's Day Crafts are probably on your mind.  If your kiddos love cute things, staples, and crumpling paper (or candy).... then this is the craft for you!  These adorable paper heart stuffies are poofy crafts filled with kawaii goodness. 

We stuffed ours with crumpled paper, but you could definitely fill these up with candy too!  (And if you like my specific design, I include a template below.  Score!)

Uber Cute Paper Heart Stuffies! 

Adorable Paper Heart Stuffies for Valentine's Day- Perfect also for filling with candy and giving to a friend!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Printable Rainbow Danish Hearts

Next week is Valentine's day and today I've got another fun Valentine's Day Craft to share with you!  I love seeing red and white Danish heart ornaments during Christmas.  But why should we only make them in December?  Why not make some Danish hearts for Valentine's Day too?

Yup. We're going all rebel crafter today.

Oh. And since we're breaking the crafting rules, let's ditch the traditional red and white colors for hyper-colorful rainbow colors instead.

That's right.  Living on the wild side.

Printable Rainbow Danish Hearts Craft- Color, cut out, and weave these lovely rainbow danish hearts
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Colorful "Stamp and Paint" Heart Art

Ever try out a project, expecting one thing and then getting something completely different?  That’s what happened with a recent art adventure.  I loved this stained glass art with toilet paper rolls and never had a chance to try it out.  It seemed so easy.  Stamp, wait, then paint!  Boom.  Easy and colorful kid art!  Well, my preschooler and I've started making Valentine's Day Crafts and made a Valentine’s day version….with unexpected results! 

Colorful “Stamp and Paint” Heart Art

Colorful Stamp and Paint Heart Art- Fun Valentine's Day Process Art for kids
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Simple Heart Decal Wall

Last weekend I kinda went bonkers and made myself a heart accent wall.  

DIY Valentine's heart decal wall
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Kid Made Stenciled Artwork

Greetings from Australia!  Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  We're currently visiting family in Brisbane, so posting will be sporadic till we get back.  Since I had a couple of free moments today, I thought I'd share these handmade gifts that Chuck and I made for this trip.  Chuck currently enjoys painting, so we created some lovely pieces of contact paper stenciled artwork.  We gave them as gifts and I think they're extra special because they were handmade by Chuck.

Kids' Contact Paper Stenciled Artwork

kid made gift stenciled artwork

Keep reading to see how we made them!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Heart themed Valentine's Crafts- Heart Glasses and Painted Heart Rocks

Note:  This post is sponsored by Plaid, but the opinions are 100% mine.

Did you know that the heart is my favorite shape?  (Is it weird that I have a favorite shape?)  I know that triangles and hexagons are super trendy right now, but I'm an old-fashioned romantic.  Hearts will always have a special place in my... well heart.  (Tee hee hee.)  So when Plaid sent me a box of Apple Barrel Craft Paint to create a Valentine's Day School Craft, I knew that it had to be heart related. 

So I came up with these Cereal box Heart Glasses and Heart Painted Rocks.  Both crafts are super colorful and fun to make.   

Cereal box Heart Glasses

DIY Heart Shaped Glasses

Keep reading to see directions and template!