Thursday, January 15, 2015

Simple Heart Decal Wall

Last weekend I kinda went bonkers and made myself a heart accent wall.  

DIY Valentine's heart decal wall
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Why?  Because Valentine's Day is coming up, and I luuuuurve me some hearts.  Hubby's eyes kinda popped out in surprise when he saw the final results, but I assured him that our wall was only temporary covered in hearts.  Everything is removable because they're made from... wait for it....  contact paper!  

Yup.  Contact paper is some seriously cool stuff.  I've used it to make DIY Toadstool Stools, temporarily decorate my kitchen cabinets (with flamingos!), and make this cute portable kids' stovetop toy.  

It's also great for children's crafts too!  We've used it to make these stained glass windowsDIY Sun Prints, Leaf window art, and DIY Window Clings!   (And my friend Ana at BabbleDabbleDo used it to make snowflakes too!)

So if you'd like to see a tutorial for this super simple heart accent wall, check out my post for DIY Candy!

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Happy making, friends!