Friday, January 16, 2015

Send High Fives to your Valentine!

Are you looking for a unique and simple idea for a Valentine's day card?  Or, are you looking for a quick way to send someone some encouragement?  How about sending them some high fives?

Funny Valentine's Day Craft 3:  Send someone high fives!

Make High five valentines for someone

This is the 3rd installment in my funny Valentine's Day craft series.  (To see the other ideas, check out my "Valentine, you rock!" Rocks and "You set my heart aflutter" Butterfly Notebooks.)

Lately Chuck hasn't really wanted to do any crafting.  But I loooove making things, so I've been trying hard to figure out other ways we can craft together.  I've noticed that while he may not like painting or drawing, he does seem to like using technology.  Light bulb moment!  So instead of usign paint or plaster of paris to make traditional hand print crafts, we used technology!

First, we placed Chuck's hands onto our printer/scanner and made copies of them!  (He really enjoyed this part.)

(I like the image, but hubby says that it reminded him of a horror movie.)

copy your hands on a printer

Then, I cut out our hand prints and taped them to a long strand of yarn.  (To make sure that the hands didn't flip upside down when I hung them, I had to tape near the fingers.)

cut out hands and tape them (make sure to tape on top)

Soon we had a bunch of high fives!

copied hands taped to yarn to send some high five handprints

I had full intentions to place them into an envelope to give to hubby for Valentine's Day.  But, he saw what we were doing and so the surprise was ruined.

send someone high fives

But no matter, now they're just hanging over our mantle!  (Heh heh, I even saw Chuck high fiving his own hands a couple of times today.)

high five handprints

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