Friday, October 12, 2012

Crapty Fridays- Day of the Dead candle holders out of baby food jars

Last year hubby, Baby Chuck, and I went to our first Day of the Dead Celebration (click here to see photos).  Feeling inspired by the colors and festive atmosphere of the holiday, I made two skull candle holders out of saved baby food jars.

- clean baby food jars  (<--Crapt!)
- craft paint
- Sharpie marker
- pencil and paper
- paint brushes
- candles

1.  I cleaned my baby food jars.  It was tough removing the sticky glue residue on the glass.  I had to use a lot of elbow grease and Goo-gone.
Sparkling clean!

2.  Then, I cut out two rectangular pieces of paper to fit inside each bottle.  I doodled my design on the papers and then placed them inside the jars. 
Meet Mrs. and Mr. Skull

3.  I used a Sharpie marker to trace my design onto the jars.  (Note:  It was difficult tracing the images onto the curved baby food jars.  It helped if  I closed one eye while tracing.)

4.  I made sure to note which parts of the design I wanted to paint and which I wanted to leave clear.  Then, I started by painting all the white bits.  It looked a bit blotchy, so I painted it over again several times. Then I ran into some unexpected problems:  the white paint covered my Sharpie marker.  (Oh crapt!)  So I had to guess where the rest of my design was.... but luckily I found that if I angled the bottle a certain way I could still see traces of Sharpie marker to guide the rest of my painting.  Once I finished painting, I retraced my design with Sharpie marker.

5.  Here they are all lit up with candles.  You can definitely see the brush strokes, but I still think they look pretty cute.   
Ooh spooky!

Happy crapting!


  1. Very Spooky! I like that crapty project! :)

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