Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Make Super Graphic and Colorful Shark Sun Catchers with Kids

Did you know that it's Shark Week?  We don't have cable, so I had no idea until someone else informed me.  While I'm not quite sure what Shark Week entails.... we do love learning about sharks and doing easy shark crafts..... like this

Super Easy Shark Sun Catcher Craft!      

Make Super graphic and colorful shark sun catchers with kids!
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By the way, today's craft was inspired by these gorgeous sea-themed stained glass windows.  Aren't they lovely?

Let's Make it!

1.   Create your black shark "leading."  I googled shark sun catchers and saw some lovely ones being sold on Etsy.  Then, I just drew a larger version of the leading design that I liked onto black construction paper.  Then, I cut out all the inner bits.

Make a shark cutout from construction paper

2.  Cut your cello sheets into small rectangles.

3.   Now it's time to create your sun catcher.

Cut out two identical pieces of contact paper that are larger than your shark.  Take off the backing and tape one sticky side up to the table.  Then, stick on your shark picture. Then, stick on your cello sheets and sequins.  When you're happy with the design, place another sheet of contact paper on top!

Cut out your shark and you're all set!

how to make shark sun catchers with kids

Hope you enjoy making this craft with the kiddos!

And if you love sun catcher crafts as much as I do, here are a whole bunch of
sun catchers and stained glass window crafts to do all year long!

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