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10 Ocean Crafts and Activities

This week's Creative Preschool Collaborator's theme is Oceans and Fish!  I was excited to tackle the theme because Chuck LOVES going to the beach and playing in the ocean.   So keep reading for some ocean themed storybook ideas, 10 preschool ocean crafts/activities, AND 4 other kid blogger's creative Ocean themed activities!

10 Ocean Crafts and Activties

10 Ocean themed Activities for Preschool kids and a list of ocean-themed storybook ideas
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We LOVE reading picture books and here are some of our favorite ocean and fish themed books!

8 Ocean and Fish Themed Books

Ok... and now, onto the 10 Ocean Crafts and activities!

1.  Rocking Crab Plate Craft

(Here's a short video I made of the finished craft.  As you can see, my video skills leave much to be desired.  But at least you can see it rocking!)

Rocking Crab Plate Craft from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

Here's how you make it!
rocking paper plate crab craft

1.  Fold your paper plate in half.
2.  Fold your corners inside your paper plate.  (They should be hidden "inside" the plate instead of folded under.)
3.  Cut 4 slits on each side of the paper plate (to insert your pipe cleaner legs inside) and cut 2 slits in the middle of your paper plate (to insert your pipe cleaner eyes.)
4.  Grab your pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and cut out two claws from another paper plate.
5.  Paint everything. Let it dry.
6.  Insert the short pipe cleaner through the middle of your paper plate.  Tape on your eyes.  Then, fold two pipe cleaner in half and insert them into the slits on one side of your crab.  Repeat this process with the other side.  Then, tape your claws inside and staple the side shut.

paper plate crab craft

We slathered on paint, so our paper plate became kinda bent and didn't want to rock.  So I taped a piece of cardboard inside the crab to give it more stability. It rocked really nicely then!

rocking paper plate crab craft- part of 10 ocean crafts and activities for kids

2.  Ocean Animal Sorting Game

ocean vs. land animal sorting game for kids

I gave Chuck a plate of animals and then labeled two sheets of paper "ocean" and "land."  Then, I told him to put the animals into their proper habitat.  Surprisingly, he really enjoyed doing this activity.  I thought it would be too hard for him, but he placed all the animals in their correct homes! 

3.  Can you move like an ocean animal?

This activity was REALLY FUN and HILARIOUS to watch Chuck do.  I gave Chuck a list of animals and asked him to move like each one.  Here are some of the animals he pretended to be: Whale, Shark, Octopus, Puffer Fish, Sea Star, Clam, Sea Turtle, Crab, and Stingray.

4.  Shark binoculars

Here's a fun take on toilet roll binoculars- turn them into sharks and add some lovely decorative beads!

5.  Homemade sand dough ornaments and sculptures

Make sand dough! Great way to bring summer into kid's play

6.  Ocean cellophane stained glass windows

Cellophane fish stained glass windows (stuck on with dish soap)

7.   Can you build a boat that floats? 

Kids Engineering- Let's build boats!  Can you build a boat that floats from everyday materials?

8.  Shampoo sail boat

Shampoo bottle sail boat- easy recycled kid's craft

9.   Magnetic Fishing Game

Make Easy DIY Fishing Game- Transform your child's artwork into little fish and have fun playing this fishing game!

10. Shark Teeth 

make shark, dinosaur, alligator, or crocodile teeth from an egg carton

And now, as promised....

4 More Fun Ocean and Fish Activities and Crafts for Preschoolers! 

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