Thursday, March 5, 2015

Magazine doodles- Fun open-ended art activity!

Recently I've been auditing a basic art class at our local university.  It's been awhile since I've attended college (*cough cough* over a decade), and it's been even longer since I took art classes (I think middle school?)  But I'm really enjoying the experience.  The other students are friendly, the professor is an excellent teacher, and I enjoy the opportunity to let go and use the right-side of my brain.

My art course got me thinking about trying to do more bite-sized art activities on the blog. Whaddya think?   I hope to share some fun art activities that our professor had us do in the future.  Today's art activity is one that I came up with after seeing so many inspiring IG feeds where artists incorporate everyday items into a drawing.   Have you ever tried making magazine doodles?

Magazine Doodles- Just add doodles!

Magazine doodles- Fun open-ended art activity for kids!

This is such a fun activity because you essentially provide the participant with a fun drawing prompt.  Then, it's up to them to fill in the rest of the image with their doodles!

I simply cut out images from a kids magazine and taped them onto pieces of paper.  Then, I just let go and doodled funny ways to finish the picture.

So here are some ways that I completed this open-ended activity:

Magazine doodles- add doodles to a magazine cut-out

Magazine doodles- combine story-telling, art, and creativity!

The neat part is that while doodling the images, different story lines started also appearing in my mind... making this a fun drawing prompt AND story telling prompt too!

Magazine doodle activity for kids- add doodles to a magazine

Hee hee, I wonder what this guys is thinking about?

add doodles to a magazine picture! Fun and unique kids art activity

As you could probably guess from my  tortilla artspinning top marker artmaking straw quills, and fun splat painting posts, I really enjoy making art in unique ways.  I hope you have fun doodling, giggling, and story telling with your kids!   

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