Monday, September 24, 2018

Easy, Pretty, Preschooler Fairy Houses

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a playdate for some preschool-aged friends at the park.  I love creating with kids, so I wanted to bring an easy, park-friendly, nature-inspired craft. These super easy cardboard fairy houses were perfect.  There was very little prep and the kids loved looking for the items and making their own houses.

How to Make Easy, Pretty, Nature Fairy Houses with Kids

How to Make Cardboard Fairy Houses with Preschoolers- Super Easy, Low Prep, Recycled kids craft

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Some Random Thoughts about Crafting

If you're like me, sometimes crafting with younger kids can feel like a LOOOOT of prep time spent for a very little amount of actual crafting time.  I used to get frustrated because I had all these expectations amazingly cute pinteret-worthy results and then my kids would just work on something for a couple of minutes before losing interest.  (Or, they would just end up cutting or ripping everything up.)

Lately, I've tried offering my youngest more open-ended alternatives that don't necessarily have a set end result.  I also try not to spend hours prepping.  (Because as much as I like crafting, cutting out tons of paper pieces or going to the craft store for a specific type of glitter glue is not my idea of fun.)

This fairy house craft is super, super easy.  I wasn't sure if I even needed to write up this post, but the craft was fun and the photos were clear, so here it is!

How to Make Fantastic and Fun Cardboard Fairy Houses with Younger Kids

The night before, cut out your houses from cereal box cardboard.  

Look around for various items to cut / color / adhere with:  
I raided my crafting stash for items like:

When you're doing the activity, first have the kids go on a nature hunt to find the materials for their houses.  (We were at the park, so we had a ton of fun items.  The kids LOVED this and it took up some extra time + bumped up the fun level too.)

Once you've got your items, encourage them to tape, glue, color, and punch!  The process of decorating a fairy house is so fun, you'll want to get involved too!

More Easy Cardboard Crafts for Little Kids:

Hope you have fun making these sweet houses with your kids too.
Happy making, friends!

How to Make Cardboard Fairy Houses with Preschoolers- Super Easy, Low Prep, Recycled kids craft

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