Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kids Spring Fairy House Craft

Looking for a super easy Spring craft that gets the kids creating outside?  Or, are you looking for an easy STEAM inspired activity that kids of all ages will love?  Try this Nature Fairy House Craft Challenge!

What kind of fairy house would YOU design?

Design and build nature fairy houses with kids- such a great Spring STEAM activity and craft!

A while back I made these super simple cardboard fairy houses with a couple of preschoolers at the park. 

Today's fairy craft is a bit more open-ended. With all the beautiful spring flowers and greenery around, why not encourage kids to design and construct their very own fairy houses using materials found outside?

How to set up this activity:

Step 1:  Have kids gather pretty and interesting flowers, leaves, rocks, sticks and twigs. 

Step 2:  Encourage kids to think about what they want their fairy houses to include.  What shape will the house look like? Where will the fairies eat, sleep, etc?

Step 3:   Give them tape and watch the fun commence!  

(Tape is a nice adhesive option because it's not too messy and kids can quickly see their ideas take form.  Glue can take a while to dry and may not be the best to use with delicate flowers and leaves!) 
Design and build nature fairy houses with kids- such a great Spring STEAM activity and craft!

This is the house that my eldest built.  But his friend built one that looked completely different!  (Hers included a sofa and a small rock television!)

It's really special seeing each child's unique way of interpreting and solving the challenge.  

If you like this type of activity, why not encourage your kids to design and build other structures like their own zoo or a bird's nest You're sure to see their creative thinking explode!

And as always, here are other ways that kids can get creative and crafty with nature

5 Fun Nature Crafts:

Happy creating and connecting!
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