Tuesday, April 13, 2021

DIY Pressed Flowers in a Floating Glass Frame Craft

 I love seeing the pretty flowers on our neighborhood walks and hikes, don't you? Maybe that's why I adore making pressed flower crafts. This past month we've made pressed flower wooden trays and moon and star contact paper suncatchers. And today I'll share some lovely pressed flower glass frames that the boys and I made. These came out so pretty, I think they'd be perfect to keep, or give away to someone special. 

How to Place Pressed Flowers in a Floating Glass Frame

How to Make Beautiful Pressed Flower Floating Glass Frames (Perfect for a birthday or Mother's Day craft)

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Materials Needed:

    • Dried Flowers (You can dry these yourself by placing flowers inside of heavy books and waiting for two weeks. Or, you can buy already pressed flowers here. We used purchased flowers.)
    • Hot Glue
    • Floating Frame (We purchased ours from the Dollar Store. The upside was the price. You can't beat a dollar! But the downside was that some of the edges were chipped and sharp. So be careful if you get the frames from there. You can also purchase floating frames from here.)
    • Optional: Tweezers (to help move delicate flowers around)
    • Optional: You can also just purchase this kit from Etsy!

    Note: Because we are using glass and hot glue for this craft, I definitely recommend having an adult help children. My husband helped my youngest and I hot glued flowers on for both boys.

    How To Make Pressed Flower Floating Art

    1. Open up your frame! Clean it if it's dirty. (Ours had a sticker stuck to it that we had to remove. Be careful of sharp edges!)

    2. Place the flowers onto one sheet of glass. If you want your flowers to look uniform, make sure the center of the flowers all face up. Don't like your design? No worries. Move flowers around until your project speaks to you. 

    (We just had the boys place the flowers as they pleased. If you're looking for something fancier, check out this gorgeous design done by Anna Grunduls. It's swoon-worthy.)

    3. When you have the design you like, hot glue the flowers onto the glass. 

    • Worried you'll mess up your design beforehand? Take a photo with your camera to see where you placed the flowers.
    • The flowers are so small and delicate, they can be difficult to maneuver. I recommend having an adult or an older child use the hot glue gun. I personally glued on the flowers for both boys.)
    • Because the flowers can be delicate, use a pair of tweezers to move the flowers around.
    4. Remove all those pesky hot glue strings.

    5. Place your second piece of glass on top of your flowers and stick both sheets of glass back in their frame!

    How to Make Beautiful Pressed Flower Floating Glass Frames (Perfect for a birthday or Mother's Day craft)

    And that's all. Happy making, friends!

    How to Make Beautiful Pressed Flower Floating Glass Frames (Perfect for a birthday or Mother's Day craft)

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