Friday, May 23, 2014

Make Homemade Body Paint

A couple of days ago my sister came over to visit.  Chuck and I were super excited for her to come.  She also enjoys making things so I wanted to try Paging Fun Mom's homemade body paint with her.  I ended up not following their recipe and just winging it.  It still came out and we had lots of fun painting homemade body paint on ourselves.

Make Homemade Body Paint

how to make homemade body paint

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You just need three ingredients to make this creamy (and very moisturizing) body paint.  Just FYI- it has a completely different consistency then real body paint and it's not meant to stay on.  But that was ok with us.  We ended up painting our pictures, wiping off our artwork, and then painting something else.  Interested?  Let's get making!

Ingredients to Make Homemade Body Paint

  • White lotion 
  • Food Coloring
  • Corn Starch


Materials to Make Homemade Body Paint


Steps to Make Homemade Body Paint

1.  Squirt your lotion into a bowl.  Add a bit of corn starch.  Mix until it has a Greek yogurt-like consistency.

How to make homemade body paint

2.  Spoon your lotion/corn starch mixture into a mini muffin tin.

3.  Add a drop of food coloring in each well and mix.  (I used this opportunity to also talk about how red + yellow = orange and red + blue = purple.)

That's it.  Now you've got some homemade body paint to play around with....

3 Ingredient Recipe for Body Paint

Here are some shots of us painting.  Initially Chuck took the lead and jumped right into painting my sister and me.  

Painting with Homemade Body Paint

(Special thanks to my sister for always being up for our crazy projects.)
Easy Homemade Body Paint Recipe

Hee hee.  I had to paint my sister too. 
Make Homemade Body Paint with Kids

Then once he got bored and began playing with other toys, my sister and I just had fun painting ourselves.  (Because the body paint was made of moisturizing lotion, it felt quite nice on our skin.)

DIY Homemade Body Paint

If we kept the body paint on ourselves for awhile, we got a little staining.  But that was gone by the next day.  If we wiped it off immediately after we finished painting, it came off clean.  So while I let Chuck paint my face... I definitely wiped it right off after he was done.

(He kept wanting to turn me into a monster.... hrmm... I wonder what that says about me?)

How to Make Homemade Body Paint

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you guys have lots of fun making your body paint and painting each other!

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