Friday, October 22, 2021

DIY Cute Sculpey Clay Ghost Plant Decorations

Do I have too many houseplants? Probably.

Can you make too many Halloween-themed crafts? Never! 

:) Last week I made these sweet clay ghosts to decorate my houseplants. Yes. Even the houseplants get decorated around here for Halloween.

How to Make Sculpey Clay Plant Decorations

Easy Sculpey Clay Ghost Halloween Houseplant Decorations Crafts

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If you've never tried Sculpey clay before, I highly recommend you use it. The colors are vibrant and kids really enjoy making creations that last. I made these tiny ghosts and baked them in the oven following the directions on the box with the toothpicks inside.  

Fifteen minutes later, we had our very own Halloween plant decor!

Easy Sculpey Clay Ghost Halloween Houseplant Decorations Crafts

And if you enjoyed this craft, check out our Perler Bead Houseplant Ghosts! They also look super cute as houseplant decor.

Happy creating, friends.

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